Carne (1991)

Original Title : Carne
Director : Gaspar Noé
Writer : Gaspar Noé
Genre : Short
Country : France
Language : French
Photography : Dominique Colin
IMDB ID : 0218871
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Carne (1991) - Gaspar Noé


Lucile Hadzihalilovic Nurse
Blandine Lenoir Daughter Butcher
Philippe Nahon The Butcher
Frankie Pain Butcher Mistress (as Frankye Pain
Hélène Testud Maid


A useful aperitif for the main course of Seul Contre Tous, 4 December 2000 Author: Wayney from Wigan, England This is the forty minute film that introduces us to the character of the Butcher, who will later be examined more thoroughly in the feature Seul Contre Tous. In this film, it follows the early period of his life from 1965-1979, but focusing on the late seventies. The first images are of a slaughter of a horse, then the birth of a baby, the Butcher's daughter, who we quickly see growing up each year. The Butcher (played by Philippe Nahon in both films) is a man bitter with the world. He hates many things. His anger comes to a head when a man assaults his autistic daughter. The Butcher then maims the wrong man, and finds himself in prison.This film follows the butcher's life to just after his release from prison, then Seul Contre Tous takes over from there. I watched the films the wrong way about, Seul Contre Tous first. Try and watch this little film first if you can.
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Carne (1991) - Gaspar Noé