Sodomites (1998)

Original Title : Sodomites
Director : Gaspar Noé
Genre : Short
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Jacques Royer
Photography : Dominique Colin
IMDB ID : 0219316
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poster for "Sodomites" by Gaspar Noé (1998)
Sodomites (1998) - Gaspar Noé


Marc Barrow La Bete Rectale
Coralie Sodoma
Mano Solo Le Maitre
Pamella Castel Love 
Philippe Nahon 


subliminal and not so subliminal propaganda?, 9 July 2004 Author: xela-8 from montevideo, uruguay This piece struck me as a blatant propaganda for a condom and related sexual items, the second time I saw it. Indeed, I saw it twice because I could not make head or tail out of it. Since most of its scenes last one or two frames (after the sodomizing begins), I advanced it frame by frame, counting not less than 5 times the (supposedly) brand Nf.I surmise this is no coincidence, and I'm happy to have discovered it, or else my image of gaspar noe would be very devalued by now.And, I do not think it is a minotaur as other commenter suggested: the ridiculous mask he uses is more like a wolf's head, but the close up in his hands when he unwraps the condom, reveals neatly manicured office-type nails, which do not live up to the expectations. All in all, you could skip this short altogether.