Soeurs fâchées, Les (2004)

Original Title : Soeurs fâchées, Les
Director : Alexandra Leclère
Writer : Alexandra Leclère
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Philippe Godeau
Music : Philippe Sarde
Photography : Michel Amathieu
Distributor : Pan Européenne Distribution
IMDB ID : 0410639
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Soeurs fâchées, Les (2004) - Alexandra Leclère


Isabelle Huppert Martine Demouthy
Catherine Frot Louise Mollet
François Berléand Pierre Demouthy
Brigitte Catillon Sophie
Michel Vuillermoz Richard
Christiane Millet Géraldine
Rose Thiéry Fernanda, la bonne
Bruno Chiche Charles
Jean-Philippe Puymartin L'éditeur
Aurore Auteuil L'hôtesse accueil éditeur
Antoine Beaufils Alexandre Demouthy
Philippe Breton Hôtesse salon de coiffure
Denis Sylvain 


Louise, younger sister, natural and straightforward, lives in province, Martine, older sister, beautiful and aloof, lives in the Parisian upper middle class. Louise has written a novel. On Monday she will go for an appointment with a publisher in Paris, which may change her life. She comes to live with Martine for three days. During three days, Louise and her obvious happiness exasperate Martine and set her life in glares.....


a refreshingly witty update of Andersen's 'Ugly Duckling', 15 August 2005 Author: dingoberserk from Australia Despite occasional overacting, this movie contains some interesting psychological and sociological insights. Most of the situations are plausible, even when they contain stereotypes. Although Martine's character could be construed as vicious and riddled with over-the-top intolerance, in the end she arouses more pity than contempt. Her younger sister Louise, fresh from the provinces and utterly devoid of sophistication and savoir-faire, in the end turns up trumps, a modern version of Andersen's ugly duckling. All the minor characters appear credible, as they witness with patient puzzlement the increasingly hysterical outbursts of the Parisian sister. A subtle touch is provided by Martine's unprepossessing little boy, who should be, but isn't, the logical comfort to his mother's depressive condition. If there is a moral to this fast-paced middle-class comedy, it is that no intelligent woman should sentence herself to merely being a wife and mother. Louise, on the other hand, has twigged this, and triumphs in the end.
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480 x 720
Soeurs fâchées, Les (2004) - Alexandra Leclère
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666 x 945
Soeurs fâchées, Les (2004) - Alexandra Leclère