Pacifier, The (2005)

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Original Title :  The Pacifier
Director : Adam Shankman
Writer : Thomas Lennon
Ben Garant
Genre : Comedy
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Gary Barber , Roger Birnbaum , Derek Evans , Jennifer Gibgot , Jonathan Glickman , Garrett Grant , Adam Shankman , George Zakk
Music : John Debney
Photography : Peter James
Distributor : Buena Vista Pictures
MPAA Rating : Rated PG for action violence, language and rude humor.
IMDB ID : 0395699
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Pacifier, The (2005) - Adam Shankman


┬Vin Diesel Shane Wolfe
┬Lauren Graham Principal Claire Fletcher
┬Faith Ford Julie Plummer
┬Brittany Snow Zoe Plummer
┬Max Thieriot Seth Plummer
┬Chris Potter Capt. Bill Fawcett
┬Carol Kane Helga
┬Brad Garrett Vice Principal Murney
┬Morgan York Lulu Plummer
┬Kegan Hoover Peter Plummer (as Keegan Hoover
┬Logan Hoover Peter Plummer
┬Bo Vink Baby Tyler
┬Luke Vink Baby Tyler
┬Tate Donovan Howard Plummer
┬Scott Thompson Director
┬Denis Akiyama Mr. Chun
┬Mung-Ling Tsui Mrs. Chun
┬Anne Fletcher Liesel
┬Allison Lynn Maria
┬Gabriel Antonacci Capt. Von Trapp
┬Mary Pitt Brigitta
┬Dan Sutcliffe Friedrich
┬Vanessa Cobham Gretl
┬Jordan Allison Kurt
┬Rachael Dolan Louisa
┬Charlotte Szivak Marta
┬Toya Alexis Mother Abbess
┬Valerie Boyle Nun/Nazi
┬Karla Jang Nun/Nazi
┬Silver Kim Nun/Nazi
┬Robert Yeretch Nun/Nazi
┬Scott Hurst Nazi
┬Christie Allaire Cheerleader
┬Stephanie Allaire Cheerleader
┬Amy Allicock Cheerleader
┬Helena Chow Cheerleader
┬Joella Crichton Cheerleader
┬Laura Jeanes Cheerleader
┬Rebecca Priestley Cheerleader
┬Taryn Ash Female Customer
┬Catherine Burdon Teacher
┬Shane Cardwell Teacher
┬Tommy Chang Showroom Cleaner
┬Alexander Conti Little Boy
┬David Lipper Cute Cop
┬Tip Fong Cute Cop's Partner
┬Maria Georgas Firefly
┬Nikki Shah Firefly
┬Jordan Todosey Firefly
┬Emi Yaguchi-Chow Firefly
┬Demetrius Joyette First Junior Grizzly
┬Christopher Lortie Second Junior Grizzly
┬Sotiri Georgas Grizzly
┬Steven Georgas Grizzly
┬Gannon Racki Grizzly
┬Seth Howard Woody Woodchuck Manager
┬Marcus Hutchings FBI Agent
┬David Sparrow FBI Agent
┬Evelyn Kaye Piano Accompanist
┬Miriam Laurence Dialect Coach
┬David Smukler Dialect Coach
┬Christian Laurin Marcel
┬John MacDonald Car Salesman
┬Billy Oliver Male Customer
┬Curtis Parker Wrestler
┬Matt Purdy Wrestler
┬Jean Pearson Swiss Banker
┬Kyle Schmid Scott
┬Robert Thomas Construction Worker
┬Cade Courtley Wyatt - Navy SEAL
┬Michael Quintero Navy SEAL
┬Cameron Hickox Navy SEAL
┬Cassius Clay Boat Captain
┬Jeff Podgurski Serbian
┬Valentino Morales Serbian
┬Hank Amos Serbian Gunner
┬Charles Haugk Stagehand
┬Scott Reiff Serbian Pilot
┬Robert Bastens Vin Diesel Stand In
┬Tig Fong Cute Cop's Partner
┬Patrick Swayze Sam Wheat (archive footage
┬Liam McGuckian Child on Seesaw (uncredited
┬Adam Shankman Driving Instructor (uncredited


The film is the story of an undercover agent who, after failing to protect an important government scientist, learns the man's family is in danger. In an effort to redeem himself, he agrees to take care of the man's children only to discover that child care is his toughest mission yet.


Dreadful and Boring, 5 July 2005 Author: christian123 Vin Diesel plays Shane Wolfe, a disgraced Navy SEAL, assigned to protect the five children of a scientist who was murdered while working on government secrets. He quickly learns that taking care of kids is going to be the hardest assignment he',s ever taken.The premise isn',t very original but I was still expecting this to be a fun movie. However, The Pacifier is a lazy family film that only the kids will like. The screenwriters could have attempted to expand the audience but they didn',t. They pretty much leave everyone over the age of 15 out of the fun. The movie only had one goal and that was to entertain the kids. For the most part, they succeeded even if they used cheap gags and annoying characters to get the job done. Well, I',m not too surprised the script is really weak since it was written by the same people who brought us Taxi. I know the Pacifier is supposed to be a fun, harmless movie but it was quite tortuous at times and I blame it on the lazy screenwriters.Vin Diesel is an okay actor. I can',t see him winning an Oscar anytime soon but he',s better than Paul Walker. His performance here wasn',t very good though. It was rather dull and it wasn',t very funny either. It',s not really his fault since he was probably told to play his character seriously so that in awkward situations, he would seem to be funny but it backfired and made the film more unbearable. Morgan York gave the best performance and she has the most memorable lines. Brittany Snow was okay, nothing special. Max Thieriot also gave an okay performance though I really didn',t like his character. Faith Ford appears in the movie for about 15 minutes so it would be kind of pointless to see this film because of her. Lauren Graham gave an okay performance, I prefer her on Gilmore Girls though. Brad Garret was terrible since he tried way too hard to be funny and it just failed completely.Adam Shankman directs and he does a decent job. I wouldn',t say he did a good job because the movie is kind of bland and inoffensive. He really put no element of surprise and he shot the film right down the middle. I',m kind of surprised he didn',t make the film better since he also directed Bringing Down the House and that film was pretty funny. Since this is strictly a kid',s movie, I thought the film was very dull and not very funny. They seemed to try too hard and it didn',t work out at all. They were some funny moments but not enough to sustain the running time. In the end, The Pacifier is a harmless film for kids but everyone else should skip it. Rating 4/10
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Pacifier, The (2005) - Adam Shankman
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Pacifier, The (2005) - Adam Shankman
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Pacifier, The (2005) - Adam Shankman
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Pacifier, The (2005) - Adam Shankman