Dune (1984)

A world beyond your experience, beyond your imagination.

Original Title : Dune
Director : David Lynch
Writer : Frank Herbert
David Lynch
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Raffaella De Laurentiis , José López Rodero
Music : Brian Eno
Roger Eno
Daniel Lanois
Steve Lukather
David Paich
Marty Paich
Jeff Porcaro
Mike Porcaro
Steve Porcaro
Joseph Williams
Photography : Freddie Francis
Distributor : Universal Pictures [us]
IMDB ID : 0087182
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Dune (1984) - David Lynch


ÂFrancesca Annis Lady Jessica
ÂLeonardo Cimino The Baron's Doctor
ÂLeonardo Cimino The Baron's Doctor


Set in a distant future where life in the universe and space travel is dependent upon a spice found only on the planet Dune, this film tracks the rise of young Paul Atreides, son of good Duke Lito, from the time of his father's betrayal and murder by a rival lord, Baron Harkonnen, to his discovery of the great secret behind the planet Dune and his own destiny, which is to free the planet and its denizens of the cruel rule of the Emperor. This is the film adaptation based on Frank Herbert`s cult novel.


A mystical and very entertaining sci-fi drama "Dune" is based of course on Frank Herbert's epic cult novel, and has attracted much criticism from fanatics deriding its briefness, subtle changes in plot, etc. What these people fail to see is that the film truly makes the rather inaccessible novel into a highly dramatic and mystical adventure. The costumes and scenery are excellent for the 1980s, and there are some fantastic portrayals. Every one of the characters is believable. The plot is complex in a good way. Politics are paramount - every one has an agenda! And watch out for Sting's terrifically manic appearences as evil prince Feyd-Rautha.
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Dune (1984) - David Lynch
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Dune (1984) - David Lynch
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Dune (1984) - David Lynch
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Dune (1984) - David Lynch
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Dune (1984) - David Lynch