What Women Want (2000)

He has the power to hear everything women are thinking.Finally... a man is listening.

Original Title : What Women Want
Director : Nancy Meyers
Writer : Josh Goldsmith
Cathy Yuspa
Diane Drake
Josh Goldsmith
Cathy Yuspa
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Bruce A. Block , Susan Cartsonis , Bruce Davey , Carmen Finestra , Gina Matthews , Stephen McEveety , David McFadzean , Nancy Meyers , Matt Williams
Music : Alan Silvestri
Photography : Dean Cundey
Distributor : Paramount Pictures [us]
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for sexual content and language.
IMDB ID : 0207201
Official site :
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What Women Want (2000) - Nancy Meyers


ÂMel Gibson Nick Marshall
ÂHelen Hunt Darcy McGuire
ÂHelen Hunt Darcy McGuire


Nick Marshall, Playboy and Hot Shot in advertising, thinks he's God's gift to women. After a little accident, he discovers that he is suddenly able to hear what women really think. First, Nick is pretty disappointed when he discovers that his beloved macho behaviour does not exactly contribute to being desired. Then, his upcoming dream position in the company is being given to a new team member: Darcy, not only a woman, but a man-eating one, also is a very talented ad expert. So, Nick decides to sabotage his new boss by reading her thoughts and selling her ideas as his own. Unfortunately, love gets in his way.


What' I hate about this movie What I hate about this movie is that the previews made it look like a comedy. This is not a comedy. It's a boring romance movie that drags on for two straight hours with only occassional laughs. The movie gets so caught up in the romance between Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt that it forgets the premise it started out with. I like Mel Gibson, but I don't know what in the world he is doing in a chick flick like this. If it wasn't for a few very funny scenes, I would have to say that WHAT WOMEN WANT is the worst movie I have ever seen. In a way, this is kind of a rip-off of both ZAPPED and ZAPPED AGAIN!
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What Women Want (2000) - Nancy Meyers
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What Women Want (2000) - Nancy Meyers