Ley del Deseo, La (1987)

Original Title : Ley del deseo, La
Director : Pedro Almodóvar
Writer : Pedro Almodóvar
Pedro Almodóvar
Genre : Comedy
Country : Spain
Language : Spanish
Producer : Agustín Almodóvar , Miguel Ángel Pérez Campos
Music : Bernardo Bonezzi
Photography : Ángel Luis Fernández
Distributor : Cinevista
IMDB ID : 0093412
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Ley del Deseo, La (1987) - Pedro Almodóvar


Eusebio Poncela Pablo Quintero
Carmen Maura Tina Quintero
Antonio Banderas Antonio Benítez
Miguel Molina Juan Bermúdez
Fernando Guillén Inspector de policía
Manuela Velasco Ada, niña
Nacho Martínez Doctor Martín
Bibiana Fernández Ada - madre (as Bibí Andersen
Helga Liné Madre de Antonio
Germán Cobos El Cura
Fernando Guillén Cuervo Policía, chico
Marta Fernández Muro Una Groupi
Lupe Barrado Enfermera
Alfonso Vallejo Sargento
Maruchi León Hermana de Juan
José Manuel Bello Guardia joven
Agustín Almodóvar Abogado
Rossy de Palma Locutora tele (as Rosy Von Donna
José Ramón Pardo Policía (as José R. Pardo
Juan A. Granja Modelo Impo
Angie Gray Chica
Hector Saurint Periodista
José Ramón Fernández Chico 1
Pepe Patatín Dependiente tienda
Victoria Abril Girl with Juan (uncredited
Pedro Almodóvar Dependiente ferretería (uncredited


Pablo and Tina have complicated sexual lives. Pablo writes and directs plays and films, he's gay and deeply in love with Juan, a young man who won't reply to Pablo's affection or letters. Pablo's sibling Tina is a transsexual, angry at men, raising Ada, and trying to make it as an actress. Pablo takes up with Antonio, a youth who becomes jealous of Pablo's love for Juan. Antonio seeks out Juan, and violence leads to Pablo's grief and a temporary loss of memory. When memory returns, he learns that Antonio has taken up with Tina. In horror, he hurries to Tina's rescue and must face Antonio and his desire.


A truly amazing movie!, 3 December 2005 Author: elgc45 from United States This is one of my favorite Almodovar movies. I was amazed at the level of acting and the quality of the script. As always full of sex and full of demonization towards the Catholic Church and its "celibate" priests. Pedro Almodovar usually tells the untold story of the church in Spain in a way that's always cynical and objective. The relationships of love between two men are what most of his most celebrated films are about. Love, sex, murder, and all of the sins of the flesh are also present in this film. In conclusion, this film possesses all of the qualities of a great Almodovar movie. LA LEY DEL DESEO is a Truly Amazing Movie. 10 Stars!!!
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Ley del Deseo, La (1987) - Pedro Almodóvar
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Ley del Deseo, La (1987) - Pedro Almodóvar
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Ley del Deseo, La (1987) - Pedro Almodóvar