Exils (2004)

Original Title : Exils
Director : Tony Gatlif
Writer : Tony Gatlif
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French, Arabic
Producer : Tony Gatlif , Matilde Rubio
Music : Tony Gatlif
Delphine Mantoulet
Photography : Céline Bozon
Distributor : ArtCam
IMDB ID : 0400420
Official site :
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poster for "Exils" by Tony Gatlif (2004)
Exils (2004) - Tony Gatlif


Romain Duris Zano
Lubna Azabal Naima
Leila Makhlouf Leila
Habib Cheik Habib
Zouhir Gacem Said
Latifa Ahrar 
Elena Aravelo-Gonzalez 
Mohamed Harrari 
Nourredine Heddaj 
Hassan Nabat 
Francisco-Javier Rodriguez-Vega 


Warts and all, but I really enjoyed this, 21 September 2004 Author: writestuff-1 from Belgium Beautifully-filmed road movie with long musical sequences. The tale of two losers that hit the road to reach Algeria from Paris is peppered with vibrant musical interludes that echo their journey back to their roots, from nose-bleed techno, through passionate flamenco to raw Algerian trance. Once they get there, Gatlif loses his hand a little by not concluding the story. Naima is portrayed as a loose cannon throughout the movie, with hints to her past and a huge question mark over her future. Neither of these is I think is answered conclusively. On a sidenote, is this not one of the most explosive women on screen since "Betty Blue"?But a pretty entertaining tale very well played by the two lead actors, Lubna Azabal and Romain Duris.