Zazie dans le Metro (1960)

Louis Malle's Comedy With No Holds Barred !

Original Title : Zazie dans le métro
Director : Louis Malle
Writer : Raymond Queneau
Louis Malle
Jean-Paul Rappeneau
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Louis Malle
Music : Fiorenzo Carpi
André Pontin
Photography : Henri Raichi
Distributor : Pathé Consortium Cinéma
IMDB ID : 0054494
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Zazie dans le Metro (1960) - Louis Malle


Catherine Demongeot Zazie
Philippe Noiret Uncle Gabriel
Hubert Deschamps Turandot
Carla Marlier Albertine
Annie Fratellini Mado
Vittorio Caprioli Trouscaillon
Jacques Dufilho Ferdinand Grédoux
Yvonne Clech Madame Mouaque
Odette Piquet Zazie's mother
Nicolas Bataille Fédor
Antoine Roblot Charles
Marc Doelnitz M. Coquetti
Jacques Gheusi Le gérant
Christine Howard L'amant de Jeanne
Little Bara Permanent
Georges Faye Permanent
De Lannoy Permanent
Paul Vally Permanent
Jean-Yves Bouvier Permanent (as J.Y. Bouvier
Jean-Pierre Posier Permanent (as J.P. Posier
Jeanne Allard Permanent
Jacqueline Doyen Permanent
Arlette Balkis Permanent
Alegrina Permanent
Virginie Merlin Permanent
Irène Chabrier Permanent
Simone Duhart Permanent
Max Desrau Permanent
Claude Confortès Permanent
Richard Bigotini Cameo appearance (uncredited
Pâquerette (uncredited
Jean Rupert Un touriste (uncredited


This merry farce depicts a satirical view of the French society: Twelve years old Zazie has to stay two days with her relatives in Paris, so that her mother can spend some time with her lover. However Zazie escapes her uncle's custody and sets out to explore Paris on her own.


A joyous romp. French "Joie de vivre", at it's very best., 18 February 2000 Author: monabe from Tuross Head, Australia Great cinema, with a wonderful exuberance and style. Louis Malle showed his great talent and versatility in this romp of cheeky comedy. Blessed with a Zazie that (for me ) captures the essence of the character originally created by Raymond Queneau, this is a 60's French film that continues to bring naive pleasure to those to whom it is a memory of the renaissance of French cinema in the early 60's, and (hopefully) will still retain a few inspirational moments for those see this movie thirty years on and who have had the benefit of later comedic directors who learned from this well-crafted and thoroughly entertaining movie.
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Zazie dans le Metro (1960) - Louis Malle
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Zazie dans le Metro (1960) - Louis Malle
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Zazie dans le Metro (1960) - Louis Malle