Break-Up, The (2006)

. . . pick a side.

Original Title : The Break-Up
Director : Peyton Reed
Writer : Jeremy Garelick
Jay Lavender
Vince Vaughn
Jeremy Garelick
Jay Lavender
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Stuart M. Besser , Jeremy Garelick , John Isbell , Jay Lavender , Peter Michaelsen , Scott Stuber , Victoria Vaughn , Vince Vaughn
Music : Jon Brion
Photography : Eric Alan Edwards
Distributor : Universal Pictures
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for sexual content, some nudity and language.
IMDB ID : 0452594
Official site :
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Break-Up, The (2006) - Peyton Reed


┬Vince Vaughn Gary Grobowski
┬Jennifer Aniston Brooke Meyers
┬Joey Lauren Adams Addie
┬Jon Favreau Johnny O
┬Jason Bateman Riggleman
┬Judy Davis Marilyn Dean
┬Justin Long Christopher
┬Ivan Sergei Carson Wigham
┬John Michael Higgins Richard Meyers
┬Ann-Margret Wendy Meyers
┬Vernon Vaughn Howard Meyers
┬Cole Hauser Lupus Grobowski
┬Vincent D'Onofrio Dennis Grobowski
┬Elaine Robinson Carol Grobowski
┬Jane Alderman Mrs. Grobowski
┬Jacqueline Williams Shondra
┬Peter Michaelsen Andrew (as Peter Billingsley
┬Jane Hu Diane
┬Rebecca Spence Jen
┬Mary-Pat Green Mischa
┬Keir O'Donnell Date Paul
┬Geoff Stults Date Mike
┬Tiffany L. Addison Waitress
┬Jessica Vilchis Hot Girl
┬Lisa Pace Hot Girl
┬Samantha Albert Debbie
┬Susan Messing Tourist
┬Wayne A. Brown Tourist
┬Maynard Love Tourist
┬William Dick Waiter
┬Jenna Hurt Poker Girl
┬Jessica Stramer Poker Girl
┬Ashley Giancola Poker Girl
┬Lanae Sahs Poker Girl
┬Nydia Rodriguez Terracina Boat Tourist
┬Phil Ridarelli Boat Tourist
┬Sharon Vaughn Boat Tourist
┬Rhett Miller Old 97's - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
┬Murry Hammond Old 97's - Bass Guitar
┬Ken Bethea Old 97's - Lead Guitar
┬Philip Peeples Old 97's - Drums
┬Gunnar Madsen Tone Ranger
┬Karl Solis Tone Ranger
┬Michael Winther Tone Ranger
┬Eric Bradley Tone Ranger
┬Paul Peterson Tone Ranger
┬Sean P. Gorecki Tone Ranger
┬Eddie Martinez Hot Dog Vendor
┬Chuck Stubbings Country Clubber
┬Ryan Cowhey Andrew Jr.
┬Megan Klein Sally
┬Trisha Vargo Riv Bartender (as Trisha 'Star' Vargo
┬Julia Neary Riv Ticket Taker
┬Linda Cohn ESPN Sportscaster (voice
┬Jason Abustan Clubgoer
┬Brad Ausmus Himself (archive footage
┬Kelley Daugherty Concert Go-er, On-Looker
┬Todd Hollandsworth Himself (archive footage
┬Alexandra LoRusso Balcony dancer at concert
┬Brian L. Orlinsky Concertgoer
┬James Azrael Gutterballs Bowler (uncredited
┬Shelby Bakken Taylor (uncredited
┬Martin Bezener Cubs Fan (uncredited
┬Alex Bickle Nightclub Dancer (uncredited
┬Portia Blackwell Ballroom Dancer (uncredited
┬Richard C. Bozek Cubs Fan/Tourist on Double Decker Bus (uncredited
┬Lori Claussen Cubs Fan (uncredited
┬Lauren Cokeley Concert Goer (uncredited
┬Justin Dabney Bowler/Dancer (uncredited
┬Sue Durso Wrigley Field, Bowling, Street Scenes (uncredited
┬Matt Dworzanczyk Art Fair Attendant (uncredited
┬Reese Foster Hero at the Bar (uncredited
┬Marisol Giraud Cubs Fan (uncredited
┬George Glynn Casey (uncredited
┬Trevor Glynn Pedestrian (uncredited
┬John R. Haley Man in Ballroom (uncredited
┬Julie Hilgendorf Pedestrian (uncredited
┬Anna Ingenthron Cubs Fan (uncredited
┬Ian Kalanges Man in Concert Scene (uncredited
┬Aaron Keker Art Gallery Pedestrian/Old 97's Concert-Goer/Art Fair Patron (uncredited
┬James Kim Morgan (uncredited
┬Robert Kramer Pedestrian (uncredited
┬Kristen Kruchowski Becca (uncredited
┬Tim Krueger Cubs Fan (uncredited
┬Joseph Lazicki Pedestrian (uncredited
┬Jordan Lowndes Teenage Cubs Fan (uncredited
┬Jasmine McDonald Art Fair On-Looker (uncredited
┬Brad Nelson Greg (uncredited
┬William Nero Jr. Kid Playing at Park (uncredited
┬Tipper Newton Bus Tourist (uncredited
┬Kelly Nienaltowski Girl in Bowling Alley/Art Fair Patron (uncredited
┬Rebecca Norris Pedestrian (uncredited
┬Katherine M. O'Connor Girl in Bowling Alley/Cubs Fan/Concert Goer/Art Fair Patron (uncredited
┬Chris Papadopoulos Club Patron (uncredited
┬Jamie Parker Notre Dame Fan/Art Fair Patron (uncredited
┬Jason Peters Guy with Camera Talking to Rollerblader (uncredited
┬Jonathan Samuels Nightclub Patron (uncredited
┬Luke Schneider Art Fair Patron (uncredited
┬Zack Shada Telephone Boy (voice
┬Monica Szanyi Kelly/Pin Shaker (uncredited
┬Marko Tomic Concert Goer (uncredited
┬Donier Tyler Girl in Bowling Alley/Concert Goer (uncredited
┬Ron Valdez Art Fair Patron (uncredited
┬Loreen Washington Concert Goer/Art Fair Patron (uncredited


In Chicago, the art dealer Brooke Meyers feels not appreciated and neglected by her immature husband Gary Grobowski, who is partner of his two brothers in a tourism business, and decides to break-up with him to make Gary misses her. Gary misunderstands her true intention, both follows the wrong advices of family members and friends, beginning a war of sexes with no winner.


Painful to Watch, 9 June 2006 Author: Nelson Ricardo from Brooklyn I was expecting a romantic comedy. Although there were some comedic elements, The Break Up was too shrill and combative to qualify as a romantic comedy. Several scenes were uncomfortable to watch. Jennifer Anniston lacked her usual spark. Vince Vaughn',s performance was lackluster. One of my favorite actors, Jason Bateman, I hate to say it, sucked. One can only blame the director for taking such good actors and having them turn out such mediocre performances. The minor characters were not well developed, and even the major characters lacked a third dimension or like-ability. The script was also lacking. I would recommend that you not waste your money on this tripe. If you are looking for a light-hearted, feel-good romantic comedy, The Break-Up is to be avoided. Go look for something British instead.
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Break-Up, The (2006) - Peyton Reed
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Break-Up, The (2006) - Peyton Reed
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Break-Up, The (2006) - Peyton Reed
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Break-Up, The (2006) - Peyton Reed
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Break-Up, The (2006) - Peyton Reed