Groomsmen, The (2006)

There's a difference between getting older and growing up.

Original Title : The Groomsmen
Director : Edward Burns
Writer : Edward Burns
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Margot Bridger , Edward Burns , Aaron Lubin , Philippe Martinez , William Perkins
Music : Robert Gary
P.T. Walkley
Photography : William Rexer
Distributor : Bauer Martinez Studios
MPAA Rating : Rated R for pervasive language and brief nudity.
IMDB ID : 0455958
Official site :
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Groomsmen, The (2006) - Edward Burns


¬Edward Burns Paulie
¬Donal Logue Jimbo
¬Jay Mohr Mike Sullivan
¬John Leguizamo T.C.
¬Matthew Lillard Dez Howard
¬Shari Albert Tina Howard
¬Spencer Fox Jack
¬John Russo Matt
¬Heather Burns Julianna
¬Marion McCorry Paulie's Mom
¬Jessica Capshaw Jen
¬Brittany Murphy Sue
¬Joe Pistone Top Cat
¬John F. O'Donohue Pops Sullivan
¬Arthur J. Nascarella Mr. B (as Arthur Nascarella
¬Jaime Tirelli T.C.'s Dad
¬Kevin Kash Barfight Patron
¬Catharine Bolz Dez's Mom
¬Amy Leonard Krystal
¬Tito Ruiz Man in Foxy Hutch
¬Joseph O'Keefe Roman Catholic Priest
¬Isaac Gabaeff Butter Tongue Roadie (uncredited
¬Julie McNiven Girl with Band (uncredited
¬Marta Mondelli Bridesmaid (uncredited


The story follows the misadventures and confusion of a groom (Ed Burns) and his four groomsmen the week before a wedding. Wrestling with issues of fatherhood, honesty and growing up, the five thirty-somethings discover their extended adolescence might be finally coming to a close.


The Burns is still on fire!, 12 December 2006 Author: meeza ( from Miami, Fl Writer-Director Edward Burns has groomed another creative & wily film in his latest marry, I mean merry, offering "The Groomsmen". Burns also stars as Paulie, a Long Island lifer who is having cold feet by getting the all too familiar "till death due you part" phobia on marrying his pregnant fiancé Sue, played by the chirpy Brittany Murphy. However, the primary premise of "The Groomsmen" is the groomsmen themselves. They are Paulie',s lifelong crackers, I mean buddies, who each have a certain dilemma. Donald Logue plays Jimbo, Paulie',s beer-quenching brother who is a strip bar dweller & ignores his devoted, but yet, growing impatient wife Julianna (Heather Burns). Next coming through the groomsmen aisle, we have Des (Mathew Lilliard), the dutiful husband & father who gets a candid excitement in getting his 80',s high school cover band reunited which obviously are comprised of le groomsmen themselves. Also grooming through, we got the unripe Mike portrayed by Jay Mohr, Mike',s childlike & obsessive antics get him in "not to be or like Mike" hot water turmoil with his ex-girlfriend and even with a few of the groomsmen. John Leguziamo plays T.C., which might stand for "too cool" by having a ripe aura about him, but it might also stand for "top covert" because he has been out of town & touch from his crazy clan for eight years due to a personal secret. The ensemble acting of "The Groomsmen" were lords of the auteur rings. However, the best acting men were Mohr & Leguziamo. Steady Eddie',s crafty screenplay does ring similar bells in theme & structure to some of his past independent films. However, why should Burns cinematically divorce himself from his exceptional & practical scribing style. Burns once again proves that he masterfully incorporates friendship, family, guilt, Catholicism, Irish-upbringing, and New York homage to his film-work. "The Groomsmen" marches itself as one of the best films of 2006 . ***** Excellent
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Groomsmen, The (2006) - Edward Burns