Sidekick (2005)

There's a hero inside everyone.

Original Title : Sidekick
Director : Blake Van de Graaf
Writer : Michael Sparaga
Genre : Fantasy
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Tom Mudd , Michael Sparaga
Music : Matt Judge
Photography : Jordan Cushing
Distributor : Maple Pictures
IMDB ID : 0410603
Official site :
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poster for "Sidekick" by Blake Van de Graaf (2005)
Sidekick (2005) - Blake Van de Graaf


David Ingram Victor Ventura
Perry Mucci Norman Neale
Mackenzie Lush Andrea Hicks
Daniel Baldwin Chuck
Julian Osen Carson Fleming
Daniel Krolik Bob
John Illingworth Mr. Richmond
Pat Brown Larry Thornton
Ryan Ward Ted Harris
Ken Lashley Himself
Sean Beatty Detective 1
Scott Carman Bartender
Jacey Dean Woman in Bar
Marco Dellapenna Hood
Christian Kada Hood
Adam Lazarus Police Officer
Marco Mascherin Bouncer
Bryon Mumford Hood
John Nicol Security Guard
Matt Olmstead Hood 2
Kim Zayac Detective


Mild-mannered computer consultant Norman Neale has two great loves in this cruel world: Comic books and his office's effervescent main receptionist, Andrea Hicks. Norman spends his days dreaming of Andrea from the isolation of his cubicle and his nights dreaming of fighting crime from the solitude of his apartment. Then one fateful day Norman discovers that a fellow co-worker, Victor Ventura, a swaggering, pretty-boy salesman, has slight telekinetic abilities beyond his understanding. After discussing his mind-blowing discovery with his only friend Chuck, a know-it-all comic book store owner, Norman comes to the outlandish conclusion that he should train Victor to become a real-life superhero by helping him refine and expand his extraordinary ability. Norman envisions an exciting new future for himself battling the city's criminal elements as Victor's faithful sidekick. But as Victor grows in power Norman is faced with the heartbreaking realization that not all people with extraordinary abilities are meant to be heroes.


A reluctant superhero & his nerdy trainer: it's Batman Redux (sort of), 31 October 2005 Author: ( from Portland, Oregon, United States Norman (Perry Mucci), a nerdy computer troubleshooter at an investment firm in Toronto, fills his personal time and imagination with comic superheroes, his best buddy runs a comic book shop where he often hangs out. One day in the coffee room at work, Norman sees Victor (David Ingram), one of the slicker salesmen, grab a toppling coffee cup in midair with such lightening speed that Norman guesses he must possess some sort of telekinetic powers. Turns out he guessed right.Norman offers to train Victor to focus the use of these powers more intentionally, and, after initially spurning the offer, Victor acquiesces. Norman envisions training Victor to become a superhero, fighting crime with his paranormal skills, while Norman sees himself as a sidekick, his Robin to Victor's Batman. Trouble is, Victor does not share this vision: he has no scruples whatsoever and laughs off the idea of becoming a crimefighter in favor of accumulating corporate control and wealth through his powers, even if this requires violence.Norman has inadvertently created a monster and now must attempt to pull the plug on him. The screenplay is cleverly written. Ingram is perfect as the narcissistic bad guy. Mucci is burdened by playing a character too naive to be believed, not in the big city of Toronto. My rating: 6.5/10 (B). (Film seen on 10/01/05 at the Idaho International Film Festival). If you'd like to read more of my reviews, send me a message for directions to my websites.