More (1969)

Original Title : More
Director : Barbet Schroeder
Writer : Eugène Archer
Mimsy Farmer
Paul Gardner
Paul Gégauff
Barbet Schroeder
Barbet Schroeder
Genre : Drama
Country : West Germany
Language : English
Producer : Pierre Cottrell , Charles Lachman , David Lewis , Barbet Schroeder
Music : Pink Floyd
David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Roger Waters
Richard Wright
Photography : Néstor Almendros
Distributor : Cinema V
IMDB ID : 0064694
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More (1969) - Barbet Schroeder


Mimsy Farmer Estelle Miller
Klaus Grünberg Stefan Brückner
Heinz Engelmann Dr. Ernesto Wolf
Michel Chanderli Charlie
Henry Wolf Henry
Louise Wink Cathy
Georges Montant Seller (uncredited


The making of a heroin addict. Stefan, fresh from college, hitches from Germany to Paris, where he does a little breaking and entering to get some money and soon meets Estelle, a young American. Even through a friend warns him off Estelle, Stefan falls for her (she's quixotic). Although he's quickly petulant and possessive, she invites him to follow her to Ibiza for romance in the sun and sand. There Stefan meets another German, Wolf, whose connection with Estelle Stefan can't fathom. He also meets Kathy, whose relationship with Estelle is also unclear at first. What explains her disappearances and furtive behavior? And once Stefan understands, what will he do about it?


Classic 60s Drug Tragedy, really one-of-a-kind, a small classic., 16 September 2001 Author: faversham from New York NY Has there ever been an Angel of Death like MIMSY FARMER in Barbet Schroeder's 1960s heroin opus? Sort of Jean Seberg with a hypodermic. Pink Floyd score. Despite some ultimately insignificant weaknesses, a classic, shamelessly ripped off by Erich Segal/Noel Black for their inept JENNIFER ON MY MIND (1971), although Tippy Walker, playing a similar character, is herself very junkie-appealing in the latter mess. MORE, though, is terrific, a great 60s drug movie and, simply, an important document of its time. Very much a cult film so join the cult.No American movie then, as far as I can remember, charts the same territory. MIMSY's an astonishing archetype, elevating this into mythic realms. Not for the faint-hearted. Great sex scenes too.
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425 x 575
More (1969) - Barbet Schroeder
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272 x 400
More (1969) - Barbet Schroeder
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199 x 283
More (1969) - Barbet Schroeder
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1268 x 1651
More (1969) - Barbet Schroeder
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1535 x 1100
More (1969) - Barbet Schroeder
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1535 x 1115
More (1969) - Barbet Schroeder
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1535 x 1108
More (1969) - Barbet Schroeder