Clerks II (2006)

No Experience Necessary

Original Title : Clerks II
Director : Kevin Smith
Writer : Kevin Smith
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Laura Greenlee , Scott Mosier , Kevin Smith , Harvey Weinstein
Music : James L. Venable
Photography : David Klein
Distributor : Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution Inc.
MPAA Rating : Rated R for pervasive sexual and crude content including aberrant sexuality, strong language and some drug material.
IMDB ID : 0424345
Official site :
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Clerks II (2006) - Kevin Smith


Brian O'Halloran Dante Hicks
Jeff Anderson Randal Graves
Rosario Dawson Becky
Jason Mewes Jay
Kevin Smith Silent Bob
Trevor Fehrman Elias
Rachel Larratt Counter Girl with Ear Guy
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith Emma Bunting (as Jennifer Schwalbach
Shannon Larratt Ear Guy
Jason Lee Lance Dowds
Wanda Sykes Wife
Ben Affleck Gawking Guy
Earthquake Husband
Sarah Ault Catholic Schoolgirl
Zak Knutson Sexy Stud
Lalida Sujjavasin Catholic Schoolgirl
Kevin Weisman Hobbit Lover
Ethan Suplee Teen
Jake Richardson Teen
Gail Stanley Elias' Mom
Bruce Macintosh Elias' Dad
Scott Mosier Concerned Father
Steven Rau Diner
Mike Tsucalas Diner
Joey Figueroa Customer
Mike Cecconi Customer
Ethan Jensen Tumbling Customer
Harley Quinn Smith Kid in Window
Edward Janda Fireman (as Ed Janda
Kevin Michael Richardson Officer
Byron Stanley Bank Manager
Walter Flanagan Pack-o-Smokes Guy
Grace Smith Milk Maid
Rebecca Lin Dancer
Joel Manning Dancer
Tracy Phillips Dancer


The sequel picks up 10 years later. "It's about what happens when that lazy, 20-something malaise lasts into your 30s. Those dudes are kind of still mired, not in that same exact situation, but in a place where it's time to actually grow up and do something more than just sit around and dissect pop culture and talk about sex," Smith said during an interview at his Hollywood office. "It's: What happened to these dudes?"


Dante and Randal are back - and in prime form., 2 June 2006 Author: Steven G. Alexander ( from Syracuse NY Clerks II is a worthy successor to Kevin Smith',s 1994 debut, "Clerks.".The continuing adventures of Dante and Randal speed along with witty dialogue, insightful social commentary, and a touching look at various levels of life, responsibility and most importantly, love.There',s a lot of the requisite dirty jokes, but they enhance the golden center of the flick. I laughed and cried in many of the same moments. But mostly, I watched two characters I had grown up with grow up themselves and face some of the dilemmas I',ve faced since I went from being a teenage slacker to an adult. I was reminded of a better time in my life, and also reminded to look forward to the future.Brian O',Halloran knocks Dante out of the gate, with pitch-perfect delivery. I believe that this is still the Dante we knew - just a bit older. Jeff Anderson takes Randal, an already amazing character, and brings him to a new level. Randal becomes even funnier - and more touching. Trevor Fehrman',s Elias adds the perfect foil for Randal',s brand of mischief. Jay and Silent Bob, the dynamic duo, are also back - proving that Jason Mewes is back in top shape, and really enjoying making you laugh.~Steve
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920 x 1365
Clerks II (2006) - Kevin Smith
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1076 x 1500
Clerks II (2006) - Kevin Smith
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1841 x 2730
Clerks II (2006) - Kevin Smith
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1229 x 1772
Clerks II (2006) - Kevin Smith
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1750 x 2500
Clerks II (2006) - Kevin Smith
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1242 x 1772
Clerks II (2006) - Kevin Smith