Mothman Prophecies, The (2002)

What Do You See?

Original Title : Mothman Prophecies, The
Director : Mark Pellington
Writer : John A. Keel
Richard Hatem
Genre : Thriller
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jason Free , Gary W. Goldstein , Adrienne Gruben , Rachel Hudgins , Gary Lucchesi , Terry McKay , James McQuaide , Norman Reiss , Tom Rosenberg , Ted Tannebaum , Richard S. Wright
Music : Tom Hajdu
Tony Lash
Andy Milburn
Daniel Riddle
Jeff Rona
Photography : Fred Murphy
Distributor : Sony Pictures Entertainment [us]
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for terror, some sexuality and language.
IMDB ID : 0265349
Official site :
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Mothman Prophecies, The (2002) - Mark Pellington


ÂRichard Gere John Klein
ÂDavid Eigenberg Ed Fleischman
ÂDavid Eigenberg Ed Fleischman


When John Klein, a Washington Post journalist, and his wife Mary finally find the house of their dreams, they just can't believe their luck. On the way back from the bargain, Mary nearly runs over a caped, winged figure, jerks the wheel and skids into the sidewalk. She hits her head badly, and dies in the hospital a little later. John, completely devastated, soon finds some sketches his wife made after the accident. They all show a winged creature, yet there is no angel resemblance at all. Two years later, John all of a sudden finds himself one night in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. He has no idea how he has journeyed the 400 miles in less than two hours. In the small town, local cop Connie struggles with many sightings of a mothlike creature taller than a man being reported, while John believes that an explanation for his wife's fate can be found. The deeper John digs, the clearer the mothman's purpose arises - only to leave his life in immediate danger, as it seems. John Klein (Richard Gere), a Washington newspaper reporter leaves his job after his wife (Debra Messing) dies to investigate strange reports, including psychic visions ("prophecies") and sightings of winged creatures ("mothmen"), in a small West Virginia town, that may be the signs of an alien invasion of Earth...


Odd, effective thrille Richard Gere plays a happily married Washington Post reporter.One dark night, he's in a car crash with his wife (Debra Messing) when something big and black passes in front of their speeding car.He's fine, she's hospitalized and later dies.Two years later Gere (somehow) drives to a remote town in West Virginia where people are seeing a big, black thing resembling a giant moth roaming around.And then people start receiving strange, spooky phone calls.And Gere starts seeing his dead wife... A creepy, eerie horror film.At times it's a little slow, and ends with many questions left unanswered.Still if works beautifully due to eerie sound effects (the phone calls and a really scary conversation Gere has with...well, I don't want to give it away), dark direction by Mark Pellington (basically the same thing he did with "Arlington Road") and an excellent performance by Gere.Messing is in the film briefly, but she makes an impact.Laura Linney, surprisingly, is only so-so as a cop helping Gere. Basically a really good scare film.No blood, violence, gore or sex but it doesn't joke around and really starts to work on you.Not for children (despite the PG-13 rating).
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293 x 425
Mothman Prophecies, The (2002) - Mark Pellington
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550 x 733
Mothman Prophecies, The (2002) - Mark Pellington
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216 x 321
Mothman Prophecies, The (2002) - Mark Pellington
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327 x 475
Mothman Prophecies, The (2002) - Mark Pellington
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Mothman Prophecies, The (2002) - Mark Pellington