Last Kiss, The (2006)

We all make choices. What's yours?

Original Title : The Last Kiss
Director : Tony Goldwyn
Writer : Paul Haggis
Gabriele Muccino
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Andre Lamal , Gary Lucchesi , Terry McKay , Gabriele Muccino , Guendalina Ponti , Eric Reid , Tom Rosenberg , Harley Tannenbaum , Marcus Viscidi
Music : Michael Penn
Photography : Tom Stern
Distributor : DreamWorks Distribution
MPAA Rating : Rated R for sexuality, nudity and language.
IMDB ID : 0434139
Official site :
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Last Kiss, The (2006) - Tony Goldwyn


┬Zach Braff Michael
┬Jacinda Barrett Jenna
┬Casey Affleck Chris
┬Rachel Bilson Kim
┬Michael Weston Izzy
┬Eric Christian Olsen Kenny
┬Marley Shelton Arianna
┬Lauren Lee Smith Lisa
┬Harold Ramis Professor Bowler
┬Blythe Danner Anna
┬Tom Wilkinson Stephen
┬David Jones Mark (as David Haydyn-Jones
┬Cindy Sampson Danielle
┬Lisa MacKay Stripper
┬Patricia Stasiak Stripper
┬Mark Walker Mark's Father
┬Erika Rosenbaum Eva
┬Alexis Legault Matty
┬Olivier Legault Matty
┬Simon Alain Arianna's Lover
┬Ian Finlay Architect Partner
┬Barry Julien Young Architect
┬Alexandra Ruddy Kim's Friend
┬Mariah Inger Secretary
┬Monique Phillips Female Patient
┬Danny Blanco Bartender (as Danny Blanco Hall
┬Andrew Shaver Camper Salesman
┬Danny Wells Izzy's Uncle
┬Gouchy Boy Michael's Neighbor
┬Bill Corday Gardener (uncredited
┬Danette Mackay Mark's Mother (uncredited


Anxieties threaten the future of a domesticated couple.


Is that the Last kiss? Is that it?, 11 September 2006 Author: Jamester from Canada I saw this at the Toronto International Film Festival to a packed house!And what a showing it was!When I stepped in to watch this, I had no idea where the movie would go, nor if it would be remotely interesting. But it quickly started to make sense. An outdoor wedding by the lake, guys talking guy stuff, and cute girls chatting and flirting from the other table, and soon you know it',s going to be about guy/girl relationships. And so the plot evolves.And while it',s not an entirely unique story-line, there are unique things about it. The characters are distinct. The main cast of 4 guys all get enough screen time and have their own ',problems', that can easily interweave that the story could really jump from one character to the next. That',s a good thing. A relatively predictable story then becomes slightly less so.If you',re looking for a moderate movie -- nothing too serious, but then nothing too fluffy -- something that you can watch, maybe chuckle a few times, or maybe something that might get you to think more deeply about relationship (and in particular if you',re considering getting into a long-term relationship, or if you',re not sure a long-term relationship you',re in), then this would be just the ticket. You get into the minds of the characters, and there are quite a few that you can get to know, which lets you empathize with them. Some questions that I pondered watching this: is avoidance an option in life? Is truth always the best policy?Anyways, women will find this to be an enjoyable watch, as there are a few distinct women',s points of view that come forth through this which seemed quite honest.Anyways. Strong acting. A few giddy moments, but fun overall. The result was a story that moved along nicely.
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Last Kiss, The (2006) - Tony Goldwyn
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Last Kiss, The (2006) - Tony Goldwyn