Pink Flamingos (1972)

An exercise in poor taste.

Original Title : Pink Flamingos
Director : John Waters
Writer : John Waters
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : John Waters
Music : Link Wray
Photography : John Waters
Distributor : Saliva Films
MPAA Rating : Rated NC-17 for a wide range of perversions in explicit detail.
IMDB ID : 0069089
Official site :
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Pink Flamingos (1972) - John Waters


¬Divine Divine/Babs Johnson
¬David Lochary Raymond Marble
¬Mary Vivian Pearce Cotton
¬Mink Stole Connie Marble
¬Danny Mills Crackers
¬Edith Massey Edie
¬Channing Wilroy Channing
¬Cookie Mueller Cookie
¬Paul Swift The Egg Man
¬Susan Walsh Suzie
¬Linda Olgeirson Linda
¬Pat Moran Patty Hitler (Party Guest In Nazi Uniform
¬Jack Walsh Party Guest
¬Bob Skidmore Delivery Boy
¬Pat Lefaiver First Lesbian
¬Jackie Sidel Party Guest
¬Julie Munshauer Party Guest
¬Steve Yeager Nat Curzan from "The Tattler"
¬Nancy Crystal Sandy Sandstone
¬George Figgs Bongo player
¬John Oden Onlooker
¬George Stoll Onlooker
¬David Gluck Onlooker
¬Elizabeth Coffey Chick with a Dick
¬Margie Donnelly Onlooker
¬Margie Skidmore Brunette in park
¬Berenica Cipcus Blonde in park
¬Iris Burman Party Guest
¬Randy Burman Man at deli with hot dog pack/Party Guest
¬Don Blumberg Party Guest
¬Vincent Peranio Musician at party
¬Bob Adams Police officer who gets shot
¬Mark Lazarus Officer
¬David Layman Party Guest
¬Catriona Maloney Party Guest
¬Richard Keller Cab Driver
¬Charlie Swope Party Guest
¬Barry Golome Party Guest
¬Ed Peranio Party Guest
¬Elia Katz Army Guy
¬Steve Waters Jogger
¬Billy Davis Party Guest
¬Howard Gruber Party guest sniffing popper
¬Van Smith Guest at party in drag
¬Chuck Yeaton Deli clerk
¬Laurie Birnbaum Party Guest
¬Lenny Taylor Extra
¬Trick Grantham Party Guest
¬Mark Isherwood Party Guest
¬Randy Damm Party Guest
¬Alan Reese Party Guest
¬Alberta Reese Party Guest
¬Cowboy Foulke Party Guest
¬David Sander Party Guest
¬Brigette Grey Party Guest
¬John Herndon Party Guest
¬Ellis Clark Party Guest
¬Joe Wilepski Party Guest
¬Jimmy Hutzler Party Guest
¬Paul Landis Party Guest
¬Lawrence Irvine Party Guest
¬Marina Melin Basement slave (uncredited
¬Max Mueller Noodles (uncredited
¬John Waters Mr. J (voice


The filthiest person alive, Divine, is using the codename Babs Johnson and living in a trailer in the woods with her retarded mother Eddie (Edith Massey), who loves eggs, her mad hippie son Crackers (Danny Mills), and her mate Cotton (Mary Vivian Pearce). The envious couple Connie (Mink Stole) and Raymond Marble (David Lochary), who abduct and impregnate female hitchhikers to sell their babies to gay and lesbian couples, using the money to invest in heroin and sell in schools, hire Cookie (Cookie Mueller) to have sex with Crackers and spy Divine to compete for the title of "the filthiest people alive". When the competition begins, Connie and Raymond Marble learn why Divine has this title.


Above all, a Baltimore movie, 17 February 2005 Author: dns-6 from United States As a contemporary of John Waters and a fellow Baltimoron (I actually met him briefly twice), I can offer these insights about the sublime "Pink Flamingos."-- For those who think of the late Sixties and early Seventies in nostalgic terms of love beads and tie-dyed clothes, this movie shows how transgressive the era truly was. People don't seem to take those kinds of risks anymore.-- Maryland was the last state to abolish its movie censor board and it was very much active at the time Waters was starting out. Much of the glee Waters had in making PF, and the audience in watching it, was knowing it was baiting the puritans on the board (one mouthy old lady in particular).-- Waters is not actually from Baltimore City. He grew up in Lutherville, a suburb a few miles north of the city. Divine was a high school pal of his. They met because they shared the same school bus stop.-- Waters' original cast was simply the characters he ran around with to the dives and gay bars in the city. They were into drugs and many are dead now. Waters himself has speculated that film-making saved him from delinquency. His early movies are very much a portrait of some crazy and talented people at a particular time and place.-- Balimore may be the most unpretentious city in the country. Consider that Mayor William Donald Schaefer proclaimed a John Waters Day in Baltimore.-- Baltimore's prestige daily, the Sun, didn't know what to make of Waters. The paper's scholarly and fussy movie reviewer was appalled, first that his city coughed up this filmmaker, and second that he had to review the movies. Reading his reviews, you could almost hear him grinding his teeth. One review began, "This one really takes the cake." (now, of course, Baltimore can claim a more respectable filmmaker, Barry Levinson).-- Baltimore is full of Polacks and hillbillies who live in rowhouses. On hot summer nights, they would bring their TV sets and furniture out onto the front sidewalks and sit contentedly scratching themselves and drinking beer like it was their living room. The characters in PF are too preposterous to be real, but Baltimoreans know whereof Waters speaks.-- The notoriously ear-assaulting Baltimore accent is on full display in PF.-- In the early days, no one thought Waters would ever be known outside Baltimore. Even now, he's not considered a celebrity because he still lives here. And as everyone in the city knows, "If you live in Baltimore, how famous can you be?"-- It's perfect that one of Waters' actresses is Cookie Mueller. Everyone in Baltimore knows someone nicknamed Cookie.-- Waters had a genius of a set designer, Vincent Periano. Pay close attention to things like the wallpaper and lamps in his movies. Talk about bad taste ....
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Pink Flamingos (1972) - John Waters
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Pink Flamingos (1972) - John Waters