Thunderball (1965)

Look Up! Look Down! Look Out! Here Comes The Biggest Bond Of All! ["Look" is formed from the 007 logo]

Original Title : Thunderball
Director : Terence Young
Writer : Kevin McClory
Jack Whittingham
Ian Fleming
Jack Whittingham
Richard Maibaum
John Hopkins
Genre : Action
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Kevin McClory , Albert R. Broccoli , Harry Saltzman
Music : John Barry
Photography : Ted Moore
Distributor : United Artists Corporation
IMDB ID : 0059800
Official site :
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young


Sean Connery James Bond
Claudine Auger Dominique 'Domino' Derval
Adolfo Celi Emilio Largo, SPECTRE
Luciana Paluzzi Fiona Volpe
Rik Van Nutter Felix Leiter
Guy Doleman Count Lippe
Molly Peters Patricia Fearing
Martine Beswick Paula Caplan
Bernard Lee M
Desmond Llewelyn Q
Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
Roland Culver Foreign Secretary
Earl Cameron Pinder
Paul Stassino Major Francois Derval/Angelo Palazzi
Rose Alba Madame Boitier
Philip Locke Vargas
George Pravda Wladislav Kutze
Michael Brennan Janni
Leonard Sachs Group Captain Pritchard
Edward Underdown Air Vice Marshal Sir John
Reginald Beckwith Kenniston
Harold Sanderson Hydrofoil Captain
Anthony Bailey Radar Navigator (uncredited
Gábor Baraker SPECTRE
Amelia Bayntun Mrs. Karlski (uncredited
Anthony Blackshaw Sentry at RAF Base (uncredited
Dana Broccoli Woman dancing at the Cafe Martinique (uncredited
Courtney Brown SPECTRE Diver (uncredited
Ian Bulloch SPECTRE Henchman (uncredited
Clive Cazes SPECTRE
Cecil Cheng SPECTRE
Michael Culver Vulcan Bomber Crewman (uncredited
Bill Cummings Quist (uncredited
Anthony Dawson Ernst Stavro Blofeld (uncredited
Henry Ford II Extra at the Nassau Casino (uncredited
Jack Gwillim Senior RAF Staff Officer (uncredited
Neil Hallett Vulcan Bomber Pilot (uncredited
Diane Hartford Girl in Kiss Kiss Club (uncredited
Philo Hauser Mr. Karlski (uncredited
Patrick Holt Group Captain Dawson (uncredited
Suzy Kendall Prue (uncredited
George Leech Disco Volante Crewman (uncredited
André Maranne SPECTRE
Kevin McClory Man smoking at the Nassau Casino (uncredited
Albert Michel Priest at Bouvar's funerals (uncredited
Mitsouko Madame LaPorte (uncredited
Derek Partridge Vulcan Bomber Crewman (uncredited
Eric Pohlmann Ernst Stavro Blofeld (voice
Lloyd Reckord Pinder's Assistant (uncredited
Robert Rietty Emilio Largo (voice
Charles Russhon Air Force Officer (uncredited
Bill Sawyer Ambulance Attendant (uncredited
Bob Simmons Colonel Jacques Bouvar, SPECTRE
Philip Stone SPECTRE
Nikki Van der Zyl Dominique 'Domino' Derval (voice


When two colleagues of James Bond are murdered, James follows the widow of a double agent who has been killed - and a confrontation ensues. The double agent is part of SPECTRE, and the organization's meeting in a secret lair in Paris regrets the agent's passing as it deals with new criminal business. Emilio Largo, a ruthless and flamboyant one-eyed enforcer, has hatched a scheme against the North Atlantic Treaty powers that begins at a rehabilitation clinic near an RAF airbase. Scheduled to pilot an RAF Vulcan strategic bomber on a normal "fail-safe" flight is Francois Derval, who is having a passionate affair with the magnificently endowed beauty Fiona Volpe - an affair that SPECTRE exploits. Soon, the Vulcan and its warload of two nuclear bombs has been hijacked, the bombs seized by Largo, for use in SPECTRE's most audacious extortion scheme yet. James Bond, however, finds a key clue in the sister of Francois Derval, Dominique "Domino" Derval, a beautiful young woman who is a passionate scuba-diver living in Nassau. When James investigates Domino, he comes into contact with a SPECTRE operation on the island, and he gets help from HMSS' man in Nassau, Pinder, and in old CIA chum Felix Leiter. But when James and Felix find out what SPECTRE is up to, it may be to late to save a major US coastal city from nuclear annihilation.


Connery At His Best In Large-Scale Bond Film, 31 January 2005 Author: Hal-900 from WA, USA Fourth Bond film, and a return to the gritty, more realistic and serious tone of the first two films. "Goldfinger" was an entertaining sequel, but that film added a lot of silly trappings to the series. "Thunderball" seems to take the best elements of all three previous movies. It combines the fast-paced action, good plot, and griminess of the first two movies, with the overblown, large-scale set-pieces that characterized the third film in the series. The result is one of the best movies in the series (this is actually Connery',s personal favorite), and probably the Bond film that best balances comic-book attitudes with the much more serious realities of the world of espionage. Humor is plentiful, but it is subtle and clever. The action sequences are spectacular, the underwater confrontation is among the best action-pieces in the entire series of films. I also loved the sequence where heartless Fiona (Luciana Paluzzi is a tasty, if poisonous candy bar) and her henchmen pursue Bond. In actuality, I think Fiona is one of the most fascinating villains Bond had to confront. This is the very first time a woman takes Bond for a ride (literally and figuratively). Fiona uses 007 and he is obviously disturbed by the fact that a woman can use sex to her advantage (what an interesting twist!). I like how we see more of both "M" and Miss Moneypenny. Only a few things prevent the film from achieving total satisfaction. The title song simply sucks, and the pre-credits sequence is very lame. I also think Connery is beginning to look old (he was only 35 at the time!) and surprisingly out-of shape. But these are minor distractions in a rock-solid film. Sadly, this is director Young',s last Bond film, and I have to say he leaves the series with a bang. Young seems to be the secret weapon of the three films he made, and his departure from the series is not something that needs to be celebrated. Overall, count this one as one of the best Bond movies.
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young
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Thunderball (1965) - Terence Young