The Man With the Golden Gun (1974)

He never misses his target, and now his target is 007.

Original Title : The Man with the Golden Gun
Director : Guy Hamilton
Writer : Ian Fleming
Richard Maibaum
Tom Mankiewicz
Genre : Action
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Albert R. Broccoli , Charles Orme , Harry Saltzman
Music : John Barry
Photography : Ted Moore
Oswald Morris
Distributor : United Artists Corporation
IMDB ID : 0071807
Official site :
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The Man With the Golden Gun (1974) - Guy Hamilton


¬Roger Moore James Bond
¬Christopher Lee Francisco Scaramanga
¬Britt Ekland Mary Goodnight
¬Maud Adams Andrea Anders
¬Herv√© Villechaize Nick Nack (as Herve Villechaize
¬Clifton James Sheriff J.W. Pepper
¬Richard Loo Hai Fat
¬Soon-Tek Oh Lieutenant Hip (as Soon-Taik Oh
¬Marc Lawrence Rodney
¬Bernard Lee M
¬Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
¬Marne Maitland Lazar
¬Desmond Llewelyn Q
¬James Cossins Colthorpe
¬Yiu Lam Chan Chula
¬Carmen du Sautoy Saida (as Carmen Sautoy
¬Gerald James Frazier
¬Michael Osborne Naval Lieutenant
¬Michael Fleming Communications Officer
¬Sonny Caldinez Kra (uncredited
¬Leslie Crawford Cowboy in Fun House (uncredited
¬Gordon Everett Gibson (uncredited
¬Michael Goodliffe Bill Tanner (uncredited
¬Ray Marioni Al Capone (uncredited
¬Joie Pacharintraporn Cha, Hip's Niece
¬Terence Plummer Beirut Thug (uncredited
¬George Silver Fat Beirut Thug (uncredited
¬Rocky Taylor Beirut Thug (uncredited
¬Francoise Therry Chew Mee (uncredited
¬Master Toddy Martial Arts Student who fights Hip's nieces (uncredited
¬Wei Wei Wong Bottoms Up Waitress (uncredited
¬Qiu Yuen Nara, Hip's Niece


Bond must find the missing "Solex Agitator," a device that will harness the sun's radiation and give awesome power to whomever possess it. But, also vying for the prize is Francisco Scaramanga, a world-class assassin who brandishes a distinctive golden gun. When 007 discovers he is to be Scaramanga's next target, he is hurled into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, continuing the search as he evades the killer on his trail. Bond must also contend with Scaramanga's exotic lover Andrea Anders, and Nick Nack, whose small size belies his lethal abilities. Even as 007 enlists the aid of sensuous Mary Goodnight, he must overcome ferocious odds to survive an explosive showdown on Scaramanga's remote island.


Moore',s Best Bond Movie Has Greatest Villain, 6 March 2005 Author: Hal-900 from WA, USA This is James Bond # 9, and one of the films in the series that has the worst reputation. Hardcore fans (and Connery idolaters) seem to always use this movie (and "Live and Let Die") as an example of the series', growing deterioration. In addition, from a box office standpoint, this is the lowest grossing film in the series. No, it was not a failure, but it did receive a lukewarm response from the general audience. Years ago, I felt that the film',s detractors were right, which is why I never cared to revisit this movie before. What an incredible surprise was to find out that this is not only one of the best Moore movies, but it is also one of the most interesting films in the entire series. I simply felt in love with it, and I found myself clapping as the credits started rolling in. There is so much to admire here. The plot is very interesting, and plays like one of those suspenseful John Le Carre thrillers (the script is top notch). The movie is very low-key, and cerebral, and in my view, that is a good thing. The film has little action (and even those sequences are kept simple), concentrating on good plot twists and fine characterizations instead. There are no gadgets or elaborate set-pieces - the film',s story is propelled by circumstances. It is indeed the most restrained Bond movie ever (yes, even more restrained than "Dr. No"), which may account for the film',s failure to capture a large audience. It is a well-crafted espionage tale, very suspenseful, with a truly intriguing premise. This time around Bond doesn',t face some crazy, over the top villain, but a canny, charismatic assassin name Scaramanga, superbly played by Christopher Lee - he is my favorite Ian Fleming villain. The film cleverly implies that Scaramanga is some sort of Bond in a parallel universe, a sinister version of 007. It is as if Bond is against his own alter ego, an element that makes the story much more interesting. This idea makes more sense once one realizes that Lee (Ian Fleming',s real-life cousin), was Fleming',s first choice to play Bond. The movie has humor, but the jokes are clever and don',t interfere with the gritty nature of the story (well, let',s ignore those scenes with the redneck policeman from "Live and Let Die"). I think the title song is very silly, but the way pop star Lulu sings it made me fell in love with the tune - a rare case of a singer that is able to "sell" an unmemorable song. I really hope that in the near future people start reevaluating the merits of this film. Meanwhile, I',m going to put this one up there, next to the other great Bond films, where it belongs. This is indeed a wonderful movie.
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The Man With the Golden Gun (1974) - Guy Hamilton
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The Man With the Golden Gun (1974) - Guy Hamilton