Moonraker (1979)

Where all the other Bonds end . . . this one begins!

Original Title : Moonraker
Director : Lewis Gilbert
Writer : Ian Fleming
Christopher Wood
Genre : Action
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Albert R. Broccoli , William P. Cartlidge , Michael G. Wilson
Music : John Barry
Photography : Jean Tournier
Distributor : United Artists Corporation
IMDB ID : 0079574
Official site :
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert


┬Roger Moore James Bond
┬Lois Chiles Dr. Holly Goodhead
┬Michael Lonsdale Hugo Drax
┬Richard Kiel Jaws
┬Corinne Clery Corinne Dufour
┬Bernard Lee M
┬Geoffrey Keen Sir Frederick Gray
┬Desmond Llewelyn Q
┬Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
┬Toshir├┤ Suga Chang (as Toshiro Suga
┬Emily Bolton Manuela
┬Blanche Ravalec Dolly, Jaws' Girlfriend
┬Irka Bochenko Blonde Beauty
┬Mike Marshall Colonel Scott (as Michael Marshall
┬Leila Shenna Private Jet Hostess
┬Anne Lonnberg Museum Guide
┬Jean-Pierre Castaldi Private Jet Pilot (as Jean Pierre Castaldi
┬Walter Gotell General Anatol Gogol
┬Douglas Lambert Mission Control Director
┬Arthur Howard Cavendish
┬Alfie Bass Venice Coffin Spotter
┬Brian Keith U.S. Shuttle Captain
┬George Birt Boeing 747 Captain
┬Kim Fortune RAF Officer
┬Lizzie Warville Russian Girl
┬Nicholas Arbez Drax's Boy
┬Guy Di Rigo Ambulance Thug
┬Chris Dillinger Drax's Technician
┬Claude Carliez Gondolier
┬Georges Beller Drax's Technician
┬Denis Seurat Boeing 747 Officer
┬Chichinou Kaeppler Signora Del Mateo
┬Christina Hui Drax's Girl
┬Fran├oise Gayat Lady Victoria Devon (as Francoise Gayat
┬Nicaise Jean Louis Drax's Girl
┬Catherine Serre Countess Labinsky
┬B├ęatrice Libert Mademoiselle Deradier (as Beatrice Libert
┬Johnny Traber's Troupe Funambulists
┬S. Newton Anderson Samuel (uncredited
┬Jenny Arasse Bit Part (uncredited
┬Michel Berreur Venice Boat Pilot (uncredited
┬Daniel Breton Fighting Monk/Spatial Base Guard (uncredited
┬Albert R. Broccoli Man at St. Marks Square (uncredited
┬Dana Broccoli Woman at St. Mark's Square (uncredited
┬Lewis Gilbert Man at St. Mark's Square (uncredited
┬Rika Hofmann Model (uncredited
┬Peter Howitt Rio de Janeiro Hotel Manager (uncredited
┬Dominique Hulin (uncredited
┬W.C. 'Chunky' Huse Sailor at St. Mark's Square (uncredited
┬Carlos Kurt Airport Metal Detector Guard (uncredited
┬Melinda Maxwell (uncredited
┬Marc Mazza Lab Technician (uncredited
┬Patrick Morin Painter at St. Mark's Square (uncredited
┬Marc Smith Tannoy voice (uncredited
┬Victor Tourjansky Man with Bottle (uncredited
┬Jean Tournier Painter at St. Mark's Square (uncredited
┬Herma Vos Astronaut (uncredited
┬Michael G. Wilson Man outside Venini Glass/NASA Technician/Man on Bridge (uncredited


When a U.S. space shuttle is stolen in a midair hijacking, only Bond can find the evil genius responsible. The clues point to billionaire Hugo Drax, who has devised a scheme to destroy all human life on earth! As Bond races against time to stop Drax's evil plot, he joins forces with Dr. Holly Goodhead, a NASA scientist who is as beautiful as she is brilliant. And 007 needs all the help he can get, for Drax's henchman is none other Bond's old nemesis Jaws, the indestructible steel-toothed giant. Their adventure leads all the way to a gigantic space station, where the stage is set for an epic battle for the fate of all mankind.


A brilliant Bond film that is highly underrated!, 8 March 2000 Author: john-597 ( from Brighton, England "Moonraker" is the most unfairly criticised of all the Bond films. The 11th film in the series and the fourth starring Roger Moore, "Moonraker" works very well for a number of reasons. As Ian Fleming's original novel (written in 1955) had become too dated to translate to the screen, the producers decided to capitalise on the sci-fi craze started by Star Wars, and so created a spectacular space-age adventure where Bond himself journeys into outer space.Whilst this film was certainly inspired by Star Wars, this is not meant to imply that "Moonraker" copies directly from the former. Don't forget that only the last 20-30 minutes of the film takes place in space. Although the laser battle looks dated by modern standards, it is still a classic slice of Bond action, that, as one reviewer has stated, compares with the underwater battle in "Thunderball". And on that level it works superbly. What I especially like about "Moonraker" is the way it glides smoothly from one action sequence to another. This way, there's not only no shortage of thrills, but an overall level of consistency in the storyline is maintained, where Bond hops across the globe (to Venice and Rio, for example) uncovering clues as to the disappearance of the Moonraker space shuttle. On the way, he survives the customary assassination attempts by the bad guys (Drax and Jaws), and then at the end of the film all the clues piece together to complete the jigsaw. It's steady, consistent storylines like this that prove the key to a successful Bond film.Purists often accuse "Moonraker" of being too stupid. Although there are some pretty outrageous sight gags, the film still retains its enormous appeal. Certainly, "Moonraker" is the most light-hearted Bond film, and it's quite clear that Roger Moore was enjoying himself tremendously here. His performance in this escapade certainly brought a smile to my lips.There's also a wonderful cast. Drax is quite possibly the best Bond villain. His one-liners are great and he is certainly not short of ideas on how to dispose of Bond. The beautiful Lois Chiles proves to have the right qualities as an astronaut/CIA agent, and she is a worthy ally to 007. Bond's first romantic encounter Corinne Dufour (Corinne Clery) brings a lot to the film. Richard Kiel makes his encore performance as the steel-toothed giant Jaws. After his superhuman appearance in "The Spy Who Loved Me", Jaws plays more for laughs this time round, but his Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote-type battles with 007 are still entertaining. There's also another henchman, Chang (Toshiro Suga) who provides more credibility if somewhat less invincibility in a superbly staged duel with Bond in a glass factory."Moonraker" also sees John Barry at his composing best. He provides a number of rich, atmospheric tracks that perfectly reflect the film's outer space theme. Shirley Bassey's third title song isn't quite as good as "Goldfinger" but better than "Diamonds Are Forever", and is certainly as good as Carly Simon's song for TSWLM."Moonraker" has often been placed at the bottom of the Bond spectrum. It doesn't belong there. It has everything a successful Bond film needs: a great plot, superb villains, exotic locations, beautiful women, brilliant special effects (for which visual effects maestro Derek meddings received an Oscar nomination) and action by the bucketful. There are scenes which generate genuine suspense and which feature awe-inspiring stunts in mid-air and on water. The space scenes are well done and all aspects of the space shuttle look true to life. In summary, "Moonraker" is a brilliant film in its own right and should rank up there with "Goldfinger" and "The Spy Who Loved Me" as one of the best Bonds ever made. I strongly urge you doubters to take a second look.
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert
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Moonraker (1979) - Lewis Gilbert