Never Say Never Again (1983)

If you haven't seen Sean Connery in 'Never Say Never Again' then you haven't seen James Bond 007!

Original Title : Never Say Never Again
Director : Irvin Kershner
Writer : Kevin McClory
Jack Whittingham
Ian Fleming
Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Ian La Frenais
Dick Clement
Genre : Action
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Michael Dryhurst , Kevin McClory , Jack Schwartzman
Music : Michel Legrand
Photography : Douglas Slocombe
Distributor : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
IMDB ID : 0086006
Official site :
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Never Say Never Again (1983) - Irvin Kershner


┬Sean Connery James Bond
┬Klaus Maria Brandauer Maximilian Largo
┬Max von Sydow Ernst Stavro Blofeld (as Max Von Sydow
┬Barbara Carrera Fatima Blush
┬Kim Basinger Domino Petachi
┬Bernie Casey Felix Leiter
┬Alec McCowen Q 'Algy' Algernon
┬Edward Fox M
┬Pamela Salem Miss Moneypenny
┬Rowan Atkinson Nigel Small-Fawcett
┬Valerie Leon Lady in Bahamas
┬Milos Kirek Kovacs (as Milow Kirek
┬Pat Roach Lippe
┬Anthony Sharp Lord Ambrose
┬Prunella Gee Patricia
┬Gavan O'Herlihy Jack Petachi
┬Ronald Pickup Elliott
┬Robert Rietty Italian Minister
┬Guido Adorni Italian Minister
┬Vincent Marzello Culpepper
┬Christopher Reich Number 5
┬Billy J. Mitchell Captain Pederson
┬Manning Redwood General Miller
┬Anthony Van Laast Kurt
┬Saskia Cohen Tanugi Nicole
┬Sylvia Marriott French Minister
┬Dan Meaden Bouncer at Casino
┬Michael Medwin Doctor at Shrublands
┬Lucy Hornak Nurse at Shrublands
┬Derek Deadman Porter at Shrublands
┬Joanna Dickens Cook at Shrublands
┬Tony Alleff Auctioneer
┬Paul Tucker Ship's Steward
┬Brenda Kempner Masseuse
┬Jill Meager Health Spa Receptionist
┬John Stephen Hill Communications Officer
┬Wendy Leech Girl Hostage
┬Roy Bowe Ship's Captain
┬Roy Alon Prison Guard Thrown into Sea (uncredited
┬Tony Cyrus Arab Buyer (uncredited
┬Rocky Taylor Hostage Guard (uncredited


Using an astounding array of weapons, Agent 007 has singlehandedly wiped out an army of Her Majesty's enemies. But when a lovely captive slips a knife into 007's ribs, the superspy's boss decides it's time his top agent sharpen his lethal edge. So James Bond is off to a health spa. However his "vacation" is cut short by Largo, a power-mad mastermind set on carrying out his plan for worldwide nuclear blackmail. On Largo's side, the murderous femme fatale Fatima Blush and vile SPECTRE chief Blofeld. But Bond does have an ally though, Largo's girlfriend, the willowy Domino, who falls for Bond.


The only Bond remake. Pointless but fun., 3 October 2003 Author: Jonathon Dabell ( from Wakefield, England Never Say Never Again got its title because Sean Connery had said in the 1970s (shortly after Diamonds Are Forever) that he would "never" do another Bond film. However, in 1983 he was persuaded to return to the role for a one-off special, a remake of his fourth entry Thunderball, and his wife rather humorously said to him that in the future he should make a point never to say never again. This film actually came out close to a Roger Moore entry in the series (Octopussy), and although Connery had more admirers as 007 than Moore, it was surprisingly Octopussy that scored a bigger box office hit.Connery's Bond is older and more vulnerable than we remember him. His boss, M, doesn't hold him in very high regard and actually suggests that he take some time off in a plush health spa. During his time here, Bond uncovers a strange plot and the further he delves into the mystery the more he discovers. It seems that his old adversaries SPECTRE, fronted by the nefarious Blofeld (Max Von Sydow) have stolen two nuclear warheads which they will detonate if they are not paid an extortionate ransom. Chief overseer of this hideous plan is Emile Largo (Klaus Maria Brandeur), and Bond pursues Largo around the globe in an attempt to stop him, visiting such places as Monte Carlo and North Africa during the course of the mission.The music by Michel Legrand is poor by series standards. It sounds rather similar to his music for the sleazy 1981 movie Your Ticket Is No Longer Valid, and is really ill-suited to this Bond production. However, in terms of villains, they've come with a couple of great ones for this film. Largo, as personified by Brandeur, is smooth but deadly, and hench-woman Fatima Blush (the sensual Barbara Carrera) is uncommonly disturbing. Rowan Atkinson also has a fairly good role as a dim-witted agent assigned to "help" Bond. The big action sequences are quite good, especially the horse chase around the North African sea-fortress and the motorbike chase, although some of the underwater moments are tough to understand because it's hard to figure out who is who behind the diving masks.
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Never Say Never Again (1983) - Irvin Kershner
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Never Say Never Again (1983) - Irvin Kershner
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Never Say Never Again (1983) - Irvin Kershner