Licence To Kill (1989)

His bad side is a dangerous place to be.

Original Title : Licence to Kill
Director : John Glen
Writer : Michael G. Wilson
Richard Maibaum
Ian Fleming
Genre : Action
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Albert R. Broccoli , Barbara Broccoli , Tom Pevsner , Michael G. Wilson
Music : Michael Kamen
Photography : Alec Mills
Distributor : MGM/UA Distribution Company
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for action violence and drug content. (2006 video version)
IMDB ID : 0097742
Official site :
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Licence To Kill (1989) - John Glen


Timothy Dalton James Bond
Carey Lowell Pam Bouvier
Robert Davi Franz Sanchez
Talisa Soto Lupe Lamora
Anthony Zerbe Milton Krest
Frank McRae Sharkey
David Hedison Felix Leiter
Wayne Newton Professor Joe Butcher
Benicio Del Toro Dario
Anthony Starke Truman-Lodge
Everett McGill Ed Killifer
Desmond Llewelyn Q
Pedro Armendáriz Jr. President Hector Lopez (as Pedro Armendariz
Robert Brown M
Priscilla Barnes Della Churchill
Don Stroud Heller
Caroline Bliss Miss Moneypenny
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Kwang
Grand L. Bush Hawkins
Alejandro Bracho Perez
Guy De Saint Cyr Braun
Rafer Johnson Mullens
Diana Lee Hsu Loti (as Diana Lee-Hsu
Christopher Neame Fallon
Jeannine Bisignano Stripper
Claudio Brook Montelongo
Cynthia Fallon Consuelo
Enrique Novi Rasmussen
Osami Kawawo Oriental
George Belanger Doctor
Roger Cudney Wavekrest Captain
Honorato Magaloni Chief Chemist
Jorge Russek Pit Boss
Sergio Corona Bellboy
Stuart Quan Ninja (as Stuart Kwan
José Abdala Tanker Driver (as Jose Abdala
Teresa Blake Ticket Agent
Samuel Benjamin Lancaster Della's Uncle
Juan Peláez Casino Manager (as Juan Peleaz
Mark Kelty Coast Guard Radio Operator
Humberto Elizondo Hotel Assistant Manager (as Umberto Elizondo
Fidel Garriga Sanchez's Driver (as Fidel Carriga
Edna Bolkan Barrelhead Waitress
Eddie Edenfield Clive
Jeff Moldovan Warehouse Guard
Carl Ciarfalio Warehouse Guard
Gerardo Albarrán Alvarez (uncredited
Tom Bahr Marshall
Chick Bernhardt Marshall Driver (uncredited
Andrew Castillo Seaplane Pilot (uncredited
Alex Edlin Marshall
Lars Lundgren Probe Operator (uncredited
Branscombe Richmond Barrelhead Bar Patron (uncredited
Jorge Valdés García Casino Guest (uncredited
Michael G. Wilson DEA Agent (voice


After attending the wedding of friend CIA agent Felix Leiter and his bride Della Churchill, seductive British secret agent James Bond 007 disobeys orders and turns in his license to kill, when ruthless drug lord Franz Sanchez (After helping Feliex and the DEA capture Sanchez) tortures Felix and leaves him for dead and kills Della. James sets off on a personal vendetta against the drug lord, and arrives in Mexico City. Helped by cocky and beautiful CIA agent and pilot Pam Bouvier, Sanchez's sexy mistress Lupe Lamora and Bond's friend and fellow quartermaster 'Q'. Bond plays on both sides of the law, as he infiltrates his organization by bringing Sanchez down. Where 007 embarks in the ultimate confrontation and he will not rest until he kills Sanchez and those responsible for torturing Felix and murdering Della.


Hard-edged Bond film. Not a great commercial success, but it has interesting points., 10 October 2003 Author: Jonathon Dabell ( from Wakefield, England Timothy Dalton only played Bond twice, but he tried to base his interpretation of the character on the descriptions provided by Ian Fleming in the original novels. Therefore, his Bond is quite ruthless and embittered, and always ready to stick two fingers up at the establishment if he feels they've got it wrong. Bond is vacationing in Florida, acting as best-man at his friend Felix Leiter's wedding, when the unthinkable happens. Leiter and his wife are assaulted by some Central American thugs, the wife is murdered and Leiter is crippled by sharks. Bond is obviously deeply unhappy about this, but his bosses instruct him to let the matter drop and get on with another assignment. 007 knows who is responsible for the injuries to his friend, so he revokes his licence to kill and becomes a rogue agent, tracking down the villainous drug lord Sanchez (Robert Davi) to his Latin America headquarters. Here, aided by Sanchez's unfaithful mistress Lupe (Talisa Soto) and CIA agent Pam Bouvier (Carey Lowell), Bond attempts to wipe out their enormous clandestine drug operation single-handedly.There's definitely an uneasy, hard edge to the film which makes it unique among the Bond series. Whether or not this improves the film depends on your personal taste: if you like safe, humorous Roger Moore escapades, you'll probably find this too jarring, whereas if you prefer espionage stories with a bit of grit and sweat, this may be just what you're after. The action sequences are still outrageous in the tried-and-trusted Bond style, with memorable episodes featuring a daring helicopter .vs. airplane pursuit, a barefoot water-skiing sequence, and a truck chase down the side of a mountain. Some of the language, though not out-and-out "foul", is a bit stronger and more believable than in other Bond entries. The theme tune from Gladys Knight and the Pips is one of the better 007-tracks.Licence to Kill is a new twist on the Bond theme. It isn't the best, and some of its new ideas don't fit with the usual routine (which may or may not be a good thing), but it is certainly interesting.
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Licence To Kill (1989) - John Glen
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Licence To Kill (1989) - John Glen
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Licence To Kill (1989) - John Glen
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Licence To Kill (1989) - John Glen
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Licence To Kill (1989) - John Glen