Gens du voyage, Les (1938)

Original Title : Gens du voyage, Les
Director : Jacques Feyder
Writer : Jacques Feyder
Jacques Viot
Bernard Zimmer
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Music : Wolfgang Zeller
Photography : Josef Illig
Franz Koch
Distributor : Films Sonores Tobis
IMDB ID : 0169942
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poster for "Gens du voyage, Les" by Jacques Feyder (1938)
Gens du voyage, Les (1938) - Jacques Feyder


Françoise Rosay Flora
André Brulé Fernand
Marie Glory Pepita (as Mary Glory
Fabien Loris Marcel
Louise Carletti Suzanne Barlay
Guillaume de Sax Barlay (as Guillaume De Saxe
Yvonne Gall Jo
André Nicolle Le vétérinaire
Georges Prieur Gaëtan
Gustave Hamilton Tino
Lacroix Le bonimenteur (as Deniaud
André Roanne Le lieutenant de gendarmerie
Sylvia Bataille Yvonne Barlay
Raymond Aimos Le médecin (uncredited
Pierre Athon (uncredited
Charles Barrois (uncredited
Edmond Beauchamp (uncredited
Victoria Carletti (uncredited
Horace Davault Le gigolo (uncredited
Marcel Duhamel (uncredited
Micheline Francey (uncredited
Robert Ozanne L'agent (uncredited
Jane Pierson La grosse spectatrice (uncredited
André Siméon Le garçon de piste (uncredited
Madeleine Sologne (uncredited
René Stern (uncredited
Pamela Stirling (uncredited
Hugues Wanner Le préfet (uncredited


Flora, a tough, strong-willed lion-tamer, is the star attraction at the Barlay travelling Circus. However, even she is ill-prepared when her former lover, Fernand, returns to her after twenty years. Fernand, a crook who has just escaped from prison, tells Flora that unless she helps him he will tell the world he is the father of her son, Marcel, who also works at the circus as an acrobat. Using his charms on Mr Barlay, the circus’ owner, Fernand soon finds himself managing the circus. Meanwhile, Flora’s son Marcel is having a secret affair with Barlay’s daughter, Yvonne. When they realise that Barlay is against their union, the two lovers plan to elope. As soon as he discovers what is afoot, Barlay sends his daughter away from the circus without telling Marcel, unaware that she is expecting a baby...


The circus is in town, 19 August 2006 Author: dbdumonteil At the time,Feyder',s former pupil ,Marcel Carné, was beginning to outstrip his master."Les gens du voyage" is a movie which is worth seeking out because it',s the only one ,to my knowledge,which takes place in a circus in the thirties in France.And Feyder perfectly depicts its atmosphere:the long line of trailers when the film begins,the men driving the stakes in the ground (a picture which comes back again and again),Franç,oise Rosay as a lion tamer worrying about one of her animals ',health...It',s the French granddaddy of De Mille',s "greatest show on earth".What about the screenplay? It',s flawed and melodramatic.A great director such Feyder will always land on his feet but twenty minutes before the end,I was wondering how he would get out of a messy plot.Rosay',s husband has escaped from penal colony and takes refuge in the circus where she and her son Marcel work .She does not want that the boy,now 20,learns the truth about his father and even that the newcomer is his father.Marcel is in love with the circus manager',s daughter .But father has bigger ambitions for his girl.Besides,she has a wicked younger sister who is jealous of her cause she secretly loves the boy too.Great scenes: Rosay alone with the lions in the cage as the lights go out,the little sister,tearing her clothes in a fit of pique to attract her sister',s lover',s attention,the final in a big Paris circus and the chase on the roof .Franç,oise Rosay is the stand-out , the soul of her husband',s movie.She is not here an over possessive mother as she was in Feyder',s "Pension mimosas" but a woman who got a raw deal and who learned not to trust men anymore. Fabien Loris is cast as his son,it',s an actor who generally plays small supporting parts ("Children of the paradise":role of Avril) The hotel where Pepita stays is called "Hotel du Nord" : a nod to Carné whose eponymous movie was released the same year?