Yukoku (1966)

Original Title : Yûkoku
Director : Domoto Masaki
Yukio Mishima
Writer : Yukio Mishima
Genre : Drama
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Producer : Hiroaki Fujii , Yukio Mishima
Photography : Kimio Watanabe
IMDB ID : 0059936
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Yukoku (1966) - Domoto Masaki | Yukio Mishima


ÂYukio Mishima Shinji Takeyama
ÂYoshiko Tsuruoka Reiko


Only for Mishima',s fanatics, 7 December 2006 Author: Kike C. ( from Má,laga, Spain The contribution of Yukio Mishima to the Seventh Art was no big deal, but it does have one or two sequences that are really intense. His patriotic fever has its portrait in this elegy about sex and death, the suicide as an art or as an act of honor. I recommend this one only for those that are fascinates by the figure of the Japanese writer. *My rate: 5/10----------------------------------- ------------------- --------------------- -------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------