Amour avec des si, L' (1962)

Original Title : Amour avec des si, L'
Director : Claude Lelouch
Writer : Claude Lelouch
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : M. Braunberger
Music : Daniel G√©rard
Photography : Jean Collomb
Claude Lelouch
Distributor : Les Films de la Pl√©iade
IMDB ID : 0142082
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Amour avec des si, L' (1962) - Claude Lelouch


¬Guy Mairesse Robert Blam
¬Janine Magnan L'auto-stoppeuse
¬Jean Franval Un policier (as Franval
¬Richard Saint-Bris Le commissaire (as Saint-Bris
¬France-No√ęlle La patronne de l'h√ītel
¬Jacques Martin Le journaliste
¬Jean Daurand Le patron du relais routier (as Daurand
¬Bernard Papineau La victime du bois
¬Lyonnais La servante du restaurant


This is the film-debut of celebrated writer/director Claude Lelouch. A sex fiend who preys on little girls has escaped from prison. As another man drives through the countryside, he hears the news on his car radio. The man is followed by a mysterious car, and the viewer is not sure if the man is in fact the child molester or an innocent stranger. A young girl is picked up hitchhiking by the man as police search for the escaped pervert. In keeping with the idiosyncrasies of other Lelouch features, the film contains various plot twists and gives the appearance that things are not as they seem.


Early Lelouch., 8 July 2006 Author: Mozjoukine ( from Australia Lelouch says that this is his third film, made at the point where he considered giving up, after two failures. Only the accident of it being sent to a festival in Stockholm where it was hailed by Ingmar Bergman kept him at it.It is a piece of passable interest. The performances are self conscious and the cut price handling shows but it retains attention for showing it',s director to be a co-conspirator with the Nouvelle Vague, complete with sustained car driving shots and a departure from conventional film form. Token plot concerns the police search for an escaped crazy.It is not hard to see the director of Chat et Le Souris, Rendez Vous and Il y a des jours... et des lunes at work here.
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Amour avec des si, L' (1962) - Claude Lelouch