Ararat (2002)

In a world full of denial, how do you determine who's telling the truth?

Original Title : Ararat
Director : Atom Egoyan
Writer : Atom Egoyan
Genre : Drama
Country : Canada
Language : English,Armenian
Producer : Sandra Cunningham , Atom Egoyan , Robert Lantos , Julia Rosenberg , Simone Urdl
Music : Mychael Danna
System of a Down
Photography : Paul Sarossy
Distributor : ARP Sélection
MPAA Rating : Rated R for violence, sexuality/nudity and language.
IMDB ID : 0273435
Official site :
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Ararat (2002) - Atom Egoyan


David Alpay Raffi
Charles Aznavour Edward Saroyan
Eric Bogosian Rouben
Brent Carver Philip
Marie-Josée Croze Celia
Bruce Greenwood Martin Harcourt, actor playing Clarence Ussher
Arsinée Khanjian Ani
Elias Koteas Ali, actor playing Jevdet Bey
Christopher Plummer David
Simon Abkarian Arshile Gorky
Raoul Bhaneja The Photographer
Lousnak Abdalian Shushan Gorky
Garen Boyajian Young Gorky
Setta Keshishian Dinner guest/wailing mother
Shant Srabian Doctor
Max Morrow Tony
Christie MacFadyen Janet
Dawn Roach Customs officer
Haig Sarkissian Sevan
Gina Wilkinson Art teacher
Arshile Egoyan Child at Gallery
Kevork Arslanian Armenian fighter
Arthur Hagopian Armenian Fighter
Vic Keshishian Armenian fighter
George Kharlakian Armenian fighter
Shant Kabrielian Armenian fighter
Varazh Stephen Doctor
Samir Alnadi Turkish officer
Carlos Essagian Turkish soldier
Rose Sarkisyan Dr. Usher's translator
Chris Gillett Celia's father
Jean Yoon Assistant director
Shahan Bulat-Matossian Wounded teen patient
Manuel Ishkhanian Teen patient's brother
Susan Raymond German woman
Lorna Noura Kevorkian Armenian bride
Mandy Nissani Armenian bride
Manal Elmasri Armenian bride
Roberta Angelica Armenian bride
Andrea Loren Armenian bride
Araxie Keshishian Armenian bride
Linda Gizirian Rape victim
Nicole Anoush Strang Girl under cart
Erica Ehm Journalist
Vahan Ajamian Vahan
Natasha Barran Armenian Woman
Sevaan Franks Armenian fighter
Chris MacRae Fayadee


A film within a film, this is a contemporary story of the making of a historical epic about the Armenian genocide claims between 1915 and 1918. The story line follows how making the film transforms the life of an 18-year-old man hired as a driver on the production. The Armenian genocide claims are not accepted by the Turkish side. Turkey calls Armenians to prove their claims by scientific historical documents.


Egoyan disappoints in Ararat, 24 September 2002 Author: Mehmet Turkkan from Ottawa, Ontario Although it was loudly promoted, I have not seen much positive critique of this film, other than those written by Armenians. When I watched it at the gala opening of TIFF, I wondered how such a dark film was chosen for opening night. There should be some politics involved. Ararat is a chauvinistic story filled with religious symbolism. Evil Turks (Muslim) versus innocent Armenian (Christian). American savior (missionary Dr. Ussher) in troubled lands..Difficult to watch..Everything seems out of context and hang in the air because a central theme in that time slice of Anatolian history, namely the struggle for more territory between Turks and Armenians is avoided, missed or obscured. As a matter of fact, Ottoman Empire was colapsing and not only Armenians but also Greeks, Slavs and Arabs were trying to get a bigger territory out of it. Anatolian tragedy is still a tragedy even if one of the parties would not be presented as pure innocents. Egoyan had a very powerful story to be told but he missed it badly. He said that he gave voice also the Turks, but there is only one Turk in the movie (Ali) who is depicted as a unrefined, cruel man.I was expecting better from Egoyan. A twisted story makes a bad film even at the hands of a good artist like Egoyan..
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Ararat (2002) - Atom Egoyan