Guernica (1949)

Original Title : Guernica
Director : Robert Hessens
Alain Resnais
Writer : Paul √Čluard
Pablo Picasso
Genre : Short
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Pierre Braunberger
Music : Guy Bernard
Photography : Henry Ferrand
Distributor : Les Films de la Pl√©iade
IMDB ID : 0042528
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poster for "Guernica" by Robert Hessens | Alain Resnais (1949)
Guernica (1949) - Robert Hessens | Alain Resnais


¬Mar√≠a Casares R√©citante/Narrator (voice
¬Jacques Pruvost R√©citant/Narrator (voice


On April 26 1937 the small Basque town of Guernica was bombed without warning by the German aviation. Two thousand people, all civilians, got killed. Like millions all over the world, Pablo Picasso was shocked and he translated his emotion into a magnificent but terrifying picture bearing the name of the martyred city. This film does not only comment on the painting, it also gives it a new life through frantic camera and sound effects.