Mad City (1997)

One man will make a mistake. The other will make it a spectacle.

Original Title : Mad City
Director : Costa-Gavras
Writer : Tom Matthews
Eric Williams
Tom Matthews
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Stephen Brown , Wolfgang Glattes , Anne Kopelson , Arnold Kopelson , Jonathan D. Krane , Linda Warren
Music : Thomas Newman
Philippe Sarde
Photography : Patrick Blossier
Distributor : Warner Bros. Pictures
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for depiction of a hostage situation, including violence and brief language.
IMDB ID : 0119592
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Mad City (1997) - Costa-Gavras


John Travolta Sam Baily
Dustin Hoffman Max Brackett
Mia Kirshner Laurie Callahan
Alan Alda Kevin Hollander
Robert Prosky Lou Potts
Blythe Danner Mrs. Banks
William Atherton Malt Dohlen
Ted Levine Chief Alvin Lemke
Tammy Lauren Miss Rose
William O'Leary CTN Junior Executive
Raymond J. Barry Special Agent Dobbins
Lucinda Jenney Jenny Baily
Akosua Busia Diane Williams
Ebbe Roe Smith Travis Bartholomew
Bingwa Nat Jackson
Chris Byrne KXRD Cameraman
Bobby Brewer Kid
Max Becker Kid
Philip David Robinson Kid
Milton Davis Jr. Kid
Jeremy Espinoza Kid
Nicole Fellows Kid
Victoria Gregson Kid
Molly Hager Kid
Sarah Haney Kid
Kyla Pratt Kid
Paige Tamada Kid
Hannah Vaughan Kid
Dyllan Christopher Sam Baily's Son
Kiersten Nally Cliff Williams' Daughter
Sylvia Short Sam Baily's Mother
Scanlon Gail Bob
Charlie Holliday Mr. Barnes, Banker
Kevin Cooney Principal
John Landis Doctor
Susan Segal Tabloid Reporter
Jenna Byrne Reporter KMUR
Jason Cottle Hollander's Assistant
Randall Batinkoff CTN Junior Executive
Julian Wall British Reporter
Laura Davis Hollander's Producer
Nick Scoggin Militia Leader
Julio Oscar Mechoso Air Force Sergeant
Rueben Grundy Reporter Reuben
David Clennon Street Preacher
Jay Leno Himself
Stephen E. Kaufman Hollander's Lawyer
Richard Portnow Marty, Brackett's Agent
Bill Rafferty Bill Gottsegen
Kurt Johnson Macho Parent
Susan A. Burig Stage Manager (as Susan Burig
D. Seifert Minister (as Pastor D. Seifert
J.P. Bumstead Fisherman
Sean O'Kane Officer Culley, Lemke's Assistant
Donal O'Sullivan Police Sergeant
Lee Ann Manley Rachel's Mother
Velina Brown Bonnie's Mother
Michèle-Barbara Pelletier Max's Mother
Patricia Smith Jenny's Mother
Adina Goldman Lou's Assistant
Roger Shamas Hollander's Driver
Stephen Brown Hollander's Associate
Richard Gross FBI Agent
Adam M. Koppekin Assistant
Aaron Lucich Sniper
Caryn Matchinga Mother
Tom Fridley Young Man
Christopher Michael Moore Bowler
Dirk Blocker Bowler
Pamela S. Lawn Folk Singer
John Halbleib Folk Singer
Shannon L. Linke Folk Singer
Eric Wycoff Rap Singer
Norman Berry Rap Singer
Chad Russell Rap Singer
Stephen Lazanco Rap Singer
Omar Lima Rap Singer
Lana Antonova Young Woman (uncredited
Allan A. Apone Makeup Man (uncredited
Tim Halpin FBI Rooftop Sniper (uncredited
Larry King Himself (uncredited
Bill Nunn Cliff Williams (uncredited
Nate Pruitt Folksinger (uncredited
Rocco Salata Bar Patron in Bowling Alley (uncredited
Maridean Mansfield Shepard Nosey neighbor (uncredited
Patsy Taylor Photographer (uncredited
Julie Wagner Reporter (uncredited


Sam Baily, upset over losing his job, takes a natural history museum hostage. Max Brackett, journalist, is in the museum when this occurs, and gets the scoop. The story spreads nation wide, and soon it is all anyone talks about. The story itself is the news, not the reason why or the real people behind it.


one man's insanity reigns after he loses his job, 29 March 1999 Author: helpless_dancer from Broken Bow, Oklahoma Interesting look at an emotionally crippled man as he goes out of control after losing his job. He holds several children and a few adults hostage in a museum after the curator refused to discuss his termination. One of the hostages is a newsman who winds up acting as the liaison between the police and the gunman. The situation leads to national prominence, drawing in an unscrupulous network newsman who only wanted to feather his own nest with the story. Good movie about a not unbelievable happening.
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Mad City (1997) - Costa-Gavras