Bukowski, Born Into This (2003)

Original Title : Bukowski: Born into This
Director : John Dullaghan
Genre : Documentary
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Diane Markow , John McCormick
Music : James Stemple
Photography : Matt Mindlin
Art Simon
Distributor : Magnolia Home Entertainment
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language and sexual content/nudity.
IMDB ID : 0342150
Official site :
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Bukowski, Born Into This (2003) - John Dullaghan


Charles Bukowski Himself (archive footage
Bono Himself
John Bryan Himself
Linda Lee Bukowski Herself
Marina Bukowski Herself
Michael Cano Himself
Neeli Cherkovski Herself
Joyce Fante Herself
FrancEye Herself
Taylor Hackford Himself
John Martin Himself
Mike Meloan Himself
Jack Micheline Himself
Pam 'Cupcakes' Miller Herself
Dom Muto Himself
William Packard Himself
Sean Penn Himself
Steve Richmond Himself
Barbet Schroeder Himself
Harry Dean Stanton Himself
Tom Waits Himself
Carl Weissner Himself
Liza Williams Herself


Documentary on Charles Bukowski, author of 'Notes of a Dirty Old Man', 'Love Is a Dog from Hell', and the autobiographical novels, 'Women', 'Hollywood', and 'Post Office'.


beautiful look into the life of a great writer, 6 May 2006 Author: bkadams from United States I',d never heard Bukowski speak before. I',d seen the pictures and read the words. This hard-nosed writer surprised me as a very soft spoken, very sensitive artist. His intimidating face became friendlier and friendlier to me as the film progressed. With this movie, you get to see a lot of interview footage and a lot of personal commentary from close friends. You get your heart tugged at when his childhood is filled in for you. You laugh at his wit while handling interviewers. And you probably get thirsty looking at all the wine and beer he drinks. The only thing I didn',t care for about this was the ever-so-pompous Bono sharing his 2 cents.
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Bukowski, Born Into This (2003) - John Dullaghan