I Married A Witch (1942)

She's a witch (and we do mean witch) who gets what she wants with hex appeal!

Original Title : I Married a Witch
Director : René Clair
Writer : Thorne Smith
Norman Matson
Robert Pirosh
Marc Connelly
René Clair
André Rigaud
Dalton Trumbo
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : René Clair , Buddy G. DeSylva , Preston Sturges
Music : Roy Webb
Photography : Ted Tetzlaff
Distributor : United Artists
IMDB ID : 0034881
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I Married A Witch (1942) - René Clair


Fredric March Jonathan Wooley/Nathaniel Wooley/Samuel Wooley/Wallace Wooley
Veronica Lake Jennifer
Robert Benchley Dr. Dudley White
Susan Hayward Estelle Masterson
Cecil Kellaway Daniel
Elizabeth Patterson Margaret
Robert Warwick J.B. Masterson
Beverly Andre Girl at Country Club (uncredited
Georgia Backus Older Woman (uncredited
Charles Bates Wooley's Son (uncredited
Brooks Benedict Country Club Extra (uncredited
Billy Bevan Puritan Vendor (uncredited
Marie Blake Purity Sykes (uncredited
Billy Bletcher Photographer (uncredited
Monte Blue Doorman (uncredited
Wade Boteler Policeman Arresting Daniel (uncredited
Aldrich Bowker Justice of the Peace (uncredited
Al Bridge Second Prison Guard (uncredited
Ann Carter Jennifer Wooley, Wooley's Daughter (uncredited
Nora Cecil Harriet Wooley (uncredited
Eddy Chandler Motorcycle Cop (uncredited
Chester Conklin Party Bartender (uncredited
Georgie Cooper Wedding Guest (uncredited
Gino Corrado Onlooker in Crowd (uncredited
Gordon De Main Man with Masterson on radio (uncredited
Emma Dunn Wife of Justice of the Peace (uncredited
Ralph Dunn First Prison Guard (uncredited
Frank Elliott Magistrate (uncredited
Franklyn Farnum Country Club Extra/Man at Fire (uncredited
Mary Field Nancy Wooley (uncredited
Bess Flowers Matron of Honor (uncredited
Jack Gardner Radio Voice (uncredited
Florence Gill Woman Playing Chess (uncredited
Robert Greig Town Crier (uncredited
George Guhl Fred, Cop (uncredited
William Haade Policeman at Ambulance (uncredited
Reed Hadley Young Man (uncredited
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian Tom, Bartender (uncredited
Robert Homans Fire Chief (uncredited
Esther Howard Extra (uncredited
Arthur Stuart Hull Wedding Guest (uncredited
Donivee Lee Girl (uncredited
Peter Leeds Ambulance Attendant (uncredited
Jack Luden Ambulance Driver (uncredited
Eily Malyon Tabitha Wooley (uncredited
Renny McEvoy Bellboy (uncredited
David McKim Newsboy (uncredited
James Millican Wedding Guest (uncredited
Frank Mills Joe, Cab Driver (uncredited
Charles R. Moore Rufus, Samuel's Servant (uncredited
Viola Moore Martha (uncredited
Edmund Mortimer Wedding Guest (uncredited
Emory Parnell Allen, Hotel Owner (uncredited
Ralph Peters Second Prisoner (uncredited
Gerald Pierce Newsboy (uncredited
Mickey Rentschler Boy at Country Club (uncredited
Cyril Ring Country Club Extra (uncredited
Ronald R. Rondell Country Club Extra/Wedding Guest (uncredited
Kathryn Sheldon Elderly Wife (uncredited
Ernest Shields Waiter (uncredited
Lee Shumway Fireman (uncredited
Bert Stevens Country Club Extra (uncredited
Helen St. Rayner Singer at Wedding (uncredited
Harry Tyler First Prisoner (uncredited
Dan White Fireman (uncredited


After a ancestor of Wallace Wooley has burned Jennifer, a witch and her father, they cursed his whole family, that the sons will always get the wrong wife. In the 20th century, the witch comes back to give Wallace Wooley a love drink, so he falls in love with her the night before his wedding to Estelle Masterson, but she gets the drink herself and falls in love with him. So the problems start for everybody: She has fallen in love, her father doesn't want her to marry Wallace, Estelle doesn't want to marry Wallace, Wallace stars falling in love with Jennifer, but he had to marry Estelle because he wants to become Senator, but he noticed that she isn't the right girl for him. In 1672, two witches (Jennifer and her father Daniel) are burned by puritan Jonathan Wooley, in 1942, they rematerialize to plague his descendant Wallace Wooley, candidate for state governor. Wallace is about to marry tart-tongued Estelle, but Jennifer has other ideas, then her love potion goes wrong...


Whimsical comedy with wonderful Lake...wooden March..., 24 May 2001 Author: Neil Doyle from U.S.A. Veronica Lake and Cecil Kellaway seem to get into the spirit of this whimsical comedy about witchcraft--while Fredric March (who reportedly disliked working with Lake whom he considered an inferior actress) does not come off well in comedy. Lake plays a witch whose ancestors burned her at the stake 300 years ago. March is engaged to Susan Hayward, but with the entry of Lake into his life, everything goes haywire. March is a gubernatorial candidate whose election to office is threatened by Lake's dexterity with broomstick magic. Based on an unfinished novel by Thorne Smith (creator of "Topper"), the film emerges as a screwball romantic comedy well directed by Rene Clair and benefits from some good trick photography. The video print I have is on the murky side--I'm sure the original print featured better overall photography than the video version. With a cast that includes Robert Benchley among the supporting players, this is a comedy treat ideal for viewing on Halloween.Warning: More enjoyable if the print quality is good!
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I Married A Witch (1942) - René Clair
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I Married A Witch (1942) - René Clair
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I Married A Witch (1942) - René Clair