Chelsea Girls (1966)

Original Title : Chelsea Girls
Director : Paul Morrissey
Andy Warhol
Writer : Ronald Tavel
Andy Warhol
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Andy Warhol
Music : The Velvet Underground
Photography : Andy Warhol
Distributor : Film-Makers' Cooperative
IMDB ID : 0061465
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poster for "Chelsea Girls" by Paul Morrissey | Andy Warhol (1966)
Chelsea Girls (1966) - Paul Morrissey | Andy Warhol


¬Brigid Berlin Hersel - The Duchess (as Brigid Polk
¬Randy Borscheidt Himself
¬Christian Aaron Boulogne Himself (as Ari
¬Angelina 'Pepper' Davis Herself
¬Dorothy Dean Herself
¬Eric Emerson Himself
¬Patrick Flemming Himself
¬Ed Hood Himself
¬Arthur Loeb Himself
¬Donald Lyons Himself
¬Gerard Malanga Son
¬Marie Menken Mother
¬Mario Montez Transvestite
¬Nico Herself
¬Ondine Himself - Pope
¬Rona Page Herself
¬Albert Rene Ricard Himself
¬Ronna Herself
¬Edie Sedgwick Herself
¬Ingrid Superstar Herself
¬International Velvet Herself
¬Mary Woronov Hanoi Hannah


The god-like genius of Warhol, 10 September 2000 Author: Chad Witt ( from Seattle In my mind, along with Blow Job, Warhol's greatest film. Here as in all his films he accomplishes a zen like genius: slowing down our perception in order to speed it up. As always he shows cinema as what it truly as - voyeurism. Astounding in every sense, this is a film that every cineaste should see. On my first viewing shortly after Warhol died, in my teens, I found that subconsciously this style was a huge influence onme though I didn't realize it til years later. It engages our sense fully, 100% of the time. He deprives us of so many things in order to enrich our experience and expand it as well. A film impossible to describe - if I wrote 1000 words I'd not get any closer. See it by all means whenever you get the chance.