Chelsea Girls (1966)

Original Title : Chelsea Girls
Director : Paul Morrissey
Andy Warhol
Writer : Ronald Tavel
Andy Warhol
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Andy Warhol
Music : The Velvet Underground
Photography : Andy Warhol
Distributor : Film-Makers' Cooperative
IMDB ID : 0061465
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poster for "Chelsea Girls" by Paul Morrissey | Andy Warhol (1966)
Chelsea Girls (1966) - Paul Morrissey | Andy Warhol


Brigid Berlin Hersel - The Duchess (as Brigid Polk
Randy Borscheidt Himself
Christian Aaron Boulogne Himself (as Ari
Angelina 'Pepper' Davis Herself
Dorothy Dean Herself
Eric Emerson Himself
Patrick Flemming Himself
Ed Hood Himself
Arthur Loeb Himself
Donald Lyons Himself
Gerard Malanga Son
Marie Menken Mother
Mario Montez Transvestite
Nico Herself
Ondine Himself - Pope
Rona Page Herself
Albert Rene Ricard Himself
Ronna Herself
Edie Sedgwick Herself
Ingrid Superstar Herself
International Velvet Herself
Mary Woronov Hanoi Hannah


The god-like genius of Warhol, 10 September 2000 Author: Chad Witt ( from Seattle In my mind, along with Blow Job, Warhol's greatest film. Here as in all his films he accomplishes a zen like genius: slowing down our perception in order to speed it up. As always he shows cinema as what it truly as - voyeurism. Astounding in every sense, this is a film that every cineaste should see. On my first viewing shortly after Warhol died, in my teens, I found that subconsciously this style was a huge influence onme though I didn't realize it til years later. It engages our sense fully, 100% of the time. He deprives us of so many things in order to enrich our experience and expand it as well. A film impossible to describe - if I wrote 1000 words I'd not get any closer. See it by all means whenever you get the chance.