When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Can two friends sleep together and still love each other in the morning?

Original Title : When Harry Met Sally...
Director : Rob Reiner
Writer : Nora Ephron
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Nora Ephron , Steve Nicolaides , Rob Reiner , Andrew Scheinman , Jeffrey Stott
Music : Marc Shaiman
Photography : Barry Sonnenfeld
Distributor : 20th Century Fox
IMDB ID : 0098635
Official site :
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When Harry Met Sally (1989) - Rob Reiner


Billy Crystal Harry Burns
Meg Ryan Sally Albright
Meg Ryan Sally Albright


Harry and Sally meet when she gives him a ride to New York after they both graduate from the University of Chicago. The film jumps through their lives as they both search for love, but fail, bumping into each other time and time again. Finally a close friendship blooms between them, and they both like having a friend of the opposite sex. But then they are confronted with the problem: "Can a man and a woman be friends, without sex getting in the way?"


This is a Classic! One of the most romantic movies ever!It is hard to express in words what the movie expressed so well! Rob Reiner is the best male director ofChickie movies! From script to sound track this is a magnificent movie. It deals with: loss, male and female perspectives of: love, friendship, dating, being married, being married and then being single again, sex issues, anger, happiness, and jealousy.The movie has great dialogue, a beautiful script,the CD soundtracks do not get better than this with classic songs just to name a few: "When and Where", "It Had to be You", "I Could Write a Book", "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off".The later recorded by Harry Connick Jr.who is just outstanding! The acting is invisible, Billy Crystal does a great job and is very believable as Harry (City Slickers).The guy who believes that men and women cannot be friends, and sometimes he is annoying but yet charming in his own way. Meg Ryan (You've Got Mail) is cute as the perfectionist Sally who has all her tapes alphabetized, can order food better anybody else, and admits to being too rigid and structured.Marie, Sally's best friend (Carrie Fisher)is always looking for a man for everybody including herself with her very own personal box of names and addresses, Bruno Kirby (City Slickers)as Jess,thinks that a woman who has a great personality cannot be pretty, is Harry's best friend. Between their conversations of Jesse and Harry there is a whole spectrum of the male perspective about feelings in relationships. Director Rob Reiner is the best!(Mixed Nuts, The American President). I will see any movie that Reiner has anything to do with it and buy the video because there is always something to chew on after I have watched the movie once. The script is clever!Nora Ephron (Mixed Nuts, Sleepless in Seattle, You've got Mail) just knows how to write a good script! She is brilliant! My favorite scenes: When Marie is trying her wedding dress on and Sally says: "That is beautiful!"I feel that she is reflects in her own situation. Those scenes with allthose old couples telling how they met and fell in love are precious scenes. Harry getting mad because he was singing in front of Ira!The jealousy of Sally when Emily (Tracy Reiner)comes into the picture, she is Aunt Emily the pie maker. I don't know how many people realize that Tracy is Rob Reiner's daughter. The ending is precious when Harry sees couples around while he window shops alone New Year's Eve, and starts running to tell Sally how he really feels! That is a tearing scene. This is one of my favorites. I highly recommend this movie!
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When Harry Met Sally (1989) - Rob Reiner
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When Harry Met Sally (1989) - Rob Reiner
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When Harry Met Sally (1989) - Rob Reiner