Tesis (1996)

Me llamo Ángela. Me van a matar. [English Tagline: My name is Angela. They're going to kill me.]

Original Title : Tesis
Director : Alejandro Amenábar
Writer : Alejandro Amenábar
Mateo Gil
Genre : Drama
Country : Spain
Language : Spanish
Producer : Alejandro Amenábar , Hans Burman , Wolfgang Burmann , José Luis Cuerda , José Luis Cuerda , Júlio Madurga , Emiliano Otegui , María Elena Sáinz de Rozas , Ricardo Steinberg
Music : Alejandro Amenábar
Mariano Marín
Photography : Hans Burman
Distributor : A-Film Distribution
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong and perverse violent content, brief strong sexuality and strong language.
IMDB ID : 0117883
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Tesis (1996) - Alejandro Amenábar


Ana Torrent Ángela Márquez
Fele Martínez Chema
Eduardo Noriega Bosco Herranz
Xabier Elorriaga Jorge Castro
Miguel Picazo Figueroa
Nieves Herranz Sena Márquez
Rosa Campillo Yolanda
Paco Hernández Padre Angela/Angela's Father (as Francisco Hernández
Rosa Ávila Madre Angela/Angela's Mother
Teresa Castanedo Presentadora TV/TV Announcer
José Miguel Caballero Conserje Videoteca/Video Library Clerk
Joserra Cadiñanos Vigilante/Guard
Julio Vélez Encargado Tren/Conductor
Pilar Ortega Encargada C. Ventas/Sales Clerk
Olga Margallo Vanessa
José Luis Cuerda Profesor 1º
Emiliano Otegui Profesor 2º
Walter Prieto Vigilante Tren/Train Guard
Florentino Sainz Anciano/Old Man
Helena Castañeda 


Why is death and violence so fascinating? Is it morally correct to show violence in movies? If so, is there a limit to what we should show? That's the subject of Ángela's examination paper. She is a young student at a film school in Madrid. Together with the student Chema (who is totally obsessed with violent movies) they find a snuff movie in which a young girl is tortured and killed. Soon they discover that the girl was a former student at their school...


Probably not Amená,bar's best, but one of the best thrillers concerning snuff films, 16 October 2004 Author: Grann-Bach ( from Denmark I've only seen a few other of Alejandro Amená,bar's films, and only one other movie about snuff films, but I have to say that this film is great. Probably not Amená,bar's best, but without a doubt one of the best films about snuff films. The film has a slow pace at times, and seemed to move at a rather bland pace throughout the film. It often jumps from a potentially exciting scene to a dull one, as well. The plot is pretty good, and develops nicely. The film manages to be somewhat unpredictable, by having many scenes take unexpected turns, but the mystery was a little predictable, and too easy to figure out, it was clear almost from the beginning who the villains were. What I liked about it, what I really liked, was the way it questioned the idea of snuff films, and the way it further explored the notion of snuff films being "necessary", or, if not snuff films, then at least violence in movies. It doesn't say that violence is wrong, nor does it claim that only mentally unstable people enjoy watching it... in fact, it takes a neutral stance on the subject, and lets the viewers decide for themselves... but not before showing us that even the most non-violent and emotionally stable person can - if only slightly - be driven towards watching and maybe even slightly enjoying violence. Amená,bar reaches out and pulls out everyone's dark side in this movie, no one who watches it will come out entirely without questioning their own thoughts about violence. The acting is good, the characters are well-written, the film manages to build up a lot of suspense(even though it is somewhat easy to figure out who the "bad guys" are) and tension. Near the middle of the film there is a truly claustrophobic sequence, which anyone suffering, even mildly, from claustrophobia will have a hard time getting through. The film carefully dodges most of the typical Hollywood clichés, and manages to keep the film interesting and exciting, despite being somewhat poorly paced. All in all, a thriller which should be enjoyable to, well, pretty much anyone. It doesn't require you to be a certain age to understand it(though I will recommend that you are at least old enough to take all of the fairly strong, often graphic violence). Almost anyone can understand and enjoy this film. I recommend it to fans of thrillers, fans of Amená,bar's other work, and people who just like a movie to mess with their minds a little, and have their values screwed up a little. 8/10
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Tesis (1996) - Alejandro Amenábar