Vie De Jesus, La (1997)

Original Title : Vie de Jésus, La
Director : Bruno Dumont
Writer : Bruno Dumont
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Rachid Bouchareb , Jean Bréhat
Music : Richard Cuvillier
Photography : Philippe Van Leeuw
Distributor : Tadrart Films
IMDB ID : 0120448
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poster for "Vie De Jesus, La" by Bruno Dumont (1997)
Vie De Jesus, La (1997) - Bruno Dumont


David Douche Freddy
Marjorie Cottreel Marie
Kader Chaatouf Kader
Sébastien Delbaere Gégé
Samuel Boidin Michou
Steve Smagghe Robert
Sébastien Bailleul Quinquin
Geneviève Cottreel Freddy's mother (Yvette
Suzanne Berteloot Infirmière (as Suzanne Bertelot
Jeanne Freddy's mother (Double for nude scenes
Sophie Ruckebusch Majorette


A social movie about life nowadays in the north of France. Freddy and his friends are all unemployed. They try to pass away the time by wandering around on their motorcycles and by directing their aggressive feelings towards Arabic immigrants. Freddy is in love with Marie, a cashier at a local supermarket. When she is proposed by Kader, an young Arab man, Freddy and his friends have an idea: they decide to punish Kader for what they call "such a provocation." After they have raped another girl, Marie finally commits to Kader, which seals his fate.


Life in an empty world, 5 August 2006 Author: tbyrne4 from United States Excellent, slow-paced, but rewarding film about a dead-end 20-year old and his extremely boring life in a small French town. Freddy is a young layabout who hangs around with his friends, rides his motorbike, and has rough sex with his girlfriend Marie.This is probably the most interesting film I',ve ever seen about boredom. It has much in common with some of the films of Bresson, presenting an environment of extreme emptiness, all the while finding its own rhythm and feel.Action-wise, this is up there with "The Goalie',s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick" (in other words, VERY little happens) and the director takes a few stabs at showing things in a non-judgmental/anthropological light (a la Shohei Immamura) with hardcore, clinical sex scenes and the gang',s sometimes amoral attitudes, but in the end that isn',t the direction the film heads in (thankfully).This is an original and unusual vision in service of a story told with great strength and care. Dumont clearly knows what he is doing and he isn',t copying anybody else.The film shows the youngster',s world as something of a void, but one not totally devoid of beauty. There are several transcendentally gorgeous moments of pure poetry in this film that really need to be experienced. Just look at the scene where young Kadder is hugged by Marie and he looks up at the sky. What a beautiful moment!! Definitely worth seeing, highly recommended. Although if you',re an ADD-afflicted sort who can only stomach films that move like bullet trains, go look at something else.