Marie Antoinette (2006)

Let Them Eat Cake

Original Title : Marie Antoinette
Director : Sofia Coppola
Writer : Sofia Coppola
Genre : Biography
Country : Japan
Language : English
Producer : Francis Ford Coppola , Sofia Coppola , Callum Greene , Ross Katz , Christine Raspillère , Paul Rassam , Fred Roos
Music : Jean-Philippe Rameau
Photography : Lance Acord
Distributor : A-Film Distribution
IMDB ID : 0422720
Official site :
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Marie Antoinette (2006) - Sofia Coppola


Kirsten Dunst Marie Antoinette
Marianne Faithfull Maria Teresa
Steve Coogan Ambassador Mercy
Clara Braiman Austrian Girlfriend
Mélodie Berenfeld Austrian Girlfriend
Judy Davis Comtesse de Noailles
Jason Schwartzman Louis XVI
Sebastian Armesto Comte de Provence
Al Weaver Comte d'Artois
Shirley Henderson Aunt Sophie
Molly Shannon Aunt Victoire
Rip Torn Louis XV
Jean-Christophe Bouvet Duc de Choiseul
Io Bottoms Lady in Waiting
Céline Sallette Lady in Waiting
André Oumansky Cardinal de la Roche Aymon
Asia Argento Comtesse du Barry
Guillaume Gallienne Vergennes
Aurore Clément Duchesse de Char
Jean-Paul Scarpitta Baron Scarpitta
Lucien Rolland Archbishop (as René Lucien Rolland
Mary Nighy Princesse Lamballe
Clementine Poidatz Comtesse de Provence
Camille Micelli Grand Chambellan
Paul Fortune Duc Fortune
Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni Comtesse de Cavazzoni
Aleksia Landeau Comtesse de la Londe (as Alexia Landeau
Joe Sheridan Catty Courtier
Katrine Boorman The English Duchess
Sarah Adler Comtesse d'Artois
Jean-Marc Stehlé Doctor Lassonne
Rose Byrne Duchesse de Polignac
Paul Jasmin Baron Jasmin
Francis Leplay Doctor Delivery Provence
James Lance Léonard
Mathieu Amalric Man at Masked Ball
Jamie Dornan Count Fersen
Carlo Brandt Palace Gardener
Raphaël Neal Garden Page
John Arnold Minister of Finances
Danny Huston Emperor Joseph
Scali Delpeyrat Doctor Delivery M-A
Chloé Van Barthold Elisabeth
Phoenix Petit Trianon Musicians
Lauriane Mascaro Marie Therese - 2 Years
Gaëlle Bona Girl at Petit Trianon
Tom Hardy Raumont
William Doherty Councilman
Florrie Betts Marie Therese - 6 years
Dominic Gould Count
Jago Betts Dauphin - 2 Years
Axel Küng Dauphin - 2 Years
Driss Hugo-Kalff Dauphin - 2 Years
Fabrice Scott King's Messenger
Alain Doutey Chief Valet
Bo Barrett Page
Joseph Malerba Queen's Guard
Xavier Bonastre King's Secretary (uncredited
Daniel Delfosse Royal Guard (uncredited
Sabine Glaser Court Member (uncredited
Philippe Héliès King's Aide de Camp (uncredited


Based on Antonia Fraser's book about the ill-fated Archduchess of Austria and later Queen of France, 'Marie Antoinette' tells the story of the most misunderstood and abused woman in history, from her birth in Imperial Austria to her later life in France.


Coppola Brings New Life To A Dead Genre, 27 May 2006 Author: IAN-Cinemaniac from Belgium I had reached the point in my life where I could not bare the idea of seeing another historical-costume-drama. The thought of seeing another actor attempting the stilted period lingo and mello-drama gives me a headache, BUT Miss Coppola has undone my pain with this fresh take on the period drama, with her lovely and off-beat MARIE-ANTOINETTE. Usually you watch the piece from afar, thinking, "Wow, life sure was hard back then," but you never really can relate to the characters, but Coppola breaks tradition in a completely refreshing way, so that you can really understand these characters. She uses modern day music (not like the horrible A KNIGHT',S TALE did) and hand held camera work. Her style is much more free and alive. She takes her time with the material so that we get a feel for time period and all of the free time they had. The acting is first rate, other than a mis-cast Rip Torn who',s a little too over-the-top. If you',ve enjoyed her other movies (THE VIRGIN SUICIDES & LOST IN TRANSLATION), then you are sure to enjoy this film. But if you are looking for another stilted period drama with forced accents and dead camera work then rent THE PARTRIOT or VANITY FAIR. I really enjoyed MARIE-ANTIONETTE, though I',m not sure how historically accurate it is, it',s a fine film. Some have criticized Coppola for making a French subject so American, but that is not the point, she has created an accessible historical biopic, that people of MARIE-ANTIONETTE',s age could enjoy and relate to.
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1423 x 1932
Marie Antoinette (2006) - Sofia Coppola
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1558 x 2115
Marie Antoinette (2006) - Sofia Coppola