Another Country (1984)

Convention outraged...a class abandoned...a country betrayed!

Original Title : Another Country
Director : Marek Kanievska
Writer : Julian Mitchell
Genre : Drama
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Robert Fox , Alan Marshall , Julian Seymour
Music : Michael Storey
Photography : Peter Biziou
Distributor : Aquarius TV
IMDB ID : 0086904
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Another Country (1984) - Marek Kanievska


┬Rupert Everett Guy Bennett
┬Colin Firth Tommy Judd
┬Michael Jenn Barclay
┬Robert Addie Delahay
┬Rupert Wainwright Donald Devenish
┬Tristan Oliver Fowler
┬Cary Elwes James Harcourt
┬Frederick Alexander Jim Menzies
┬Adrian Ross Magenty Wharton
┬Geoffrey Bateman Yevgeni
┬Philip Dupuy Martineau
┬Guy Henry Head Boy
┬Jeffrey Wickham Arthur
┬John Line Best Man
┬Gideon Boulting Trafford
┬Llewellyn Rees Senior Chaplain
┬Arthur Howard Waiter
┬Ivor Roberts Chief Judge
┬Crispin Redman Prefect
┬Nicholas Rowe Spungin
┬Kathleen St. John Ivy
┬Martin Wenner Batsman 1
┬Christopher Milburn Batsman 2
┬Tristram Jellinek Nicholson
┬Tristram Wymark Henderson
┬Ralph Perry-Robinson Robbins
┬Anna Massey Imogen Bennett
┬Betsy Brantley Julie Schofield
┬James D.R. Hickox Student (uncredited


Based on the award winning play by Julian Mitchell, the film explores the effect of Public School life in the 1930's on Guy Bennett (Rupert Everett) as his homosexuality and unwillingness to "play the game" turns him eastwards towards communist Russia.


It is interesting how this film examines the life of Guy Burgess, a real-life Englishman who in the 1940s worked for the Russians against his own country. The movie has nothing to do with spies or international intrigued, though. The story revolves around Burgess' early life, specifically his teen years. From what I've read, I gather this is not a faithful recreation of Burgess' life (the movie is based on a play written by Julian Mitchell), but a rather fictitious depiction of the man's formative years. But if you keep in mind what Burgess became famous for, it is interesting to see how the movie argues that Burgess' youth is crucial to understand why he chose to become a spy for the Russians. In that regard, this is an intriguing character study. Rupert Everett is superb as Burgess, and Colin Firth provides fine support in the role of Burgess' best friend. It would make a wonderful double feature with John Schlesinger's The Falcon and the Snowman (1985), an excellent factual drama about two American friends convicted of spying for the Russians.
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Another Country (1984) - Marek Kanievska