Aîné Des Ferchaux, L' (1962)

Original Title : Aîné des Ferchaux, L'
Director : Jean-Pierre Melville
Writer : Jean-Pierre Melville
Jean-Pierre Melville
Georges Simenon
Country : France
Language : English
Producer : Charles Lumbroso
Music : Georges Delerue
Photography : Henri Decaë
IMDB ID : 0056845
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Aîné Des Ferchaux, L' (1962) - Jean-Pierre Melville


Jean-Paul Belmondo Michel Maudet
Charles Vanel Dieudonne Ferchaux
Michèle Mercier Lou
Malvina Silberberg Lina
Stefania Sandrelli Angie, Hitch-Hiker
Barbara Sommers Lou's friend
E.F. Medard Suska
Todd Martin Jeff
André Certes Émile Ferchaux
Andrex M. Andrei
Jerry Mengo Banker
Delia Kent Prostitute
Ginger Hall Le maître d'hotel
Simone Darot Un administrateur
Jacques-Franois Zeller Un adminstrateur (as Zeller
Dominique Zardi Le speaker boxe
Eddie Somers 
Hugues Wanner 
Paul Sorèze 
Charles Bayard 


Surprisingly good, 24 July 2003 Author: StevieGB from London, England I saw this at London's National Film Theatre a couple of nights ago. The print, the best they could lay their hands on, was scratched and the colour had faded to the extent that much of it was a pinky sepia. Also, I could find very few reviews to read beforehand (zero on the IMDB). So I wasn't expecting much.And I was therefore very pleasantly surprised. The tale of an old crooked banker who absconds to the US with a young male golddigger really works. Charles Vanel (who was so brilliant in The Wages of Fear) and Jean-Paul Belmondo are a wonderful team, as a very spiky and spiteful Father/Son relationship grows between them.As a travelogue of a journey from New York to the Deep South it's fascinating, and reminded me, of all things, of Easy Rider, which I very much suspect it may have influenced.There's a few problems with it, mainly due to the fact the Jean-Pierre Melville never really got the timing right when it came to editing emotional scenes (especially at the end).But if you're a fan of the early Melville movies, Le Doulos in particular, then check it out.
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Aîné Des Ferchaux, L' (1962) - Jean-Pierre Melville