50 Pills (2006)

Original Title : Fifty Pills
Director : Theo Avgerinos
Writer : Matthew Perniciaro
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Theo Avgerinos , Jake Demaray , Kevin Scott Frakes , Ryan Hill , Chris J. Johnson , Kevin Mann , Matthew Perniciaro , Bill Shraga
Music : David Manning
Photography : Harris Charalambous
Distributor : Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
IMDB ID : 0426462
Official site :
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poster for "50 Pills" by Theo Avgerinos (2006)
50 Pills (2006) - Theo Avgerinos


┬Lou Taylor Pucci Darren
┬Kristen Bell Gracie
┬John Hensley Coleman
┬Nora Zehetner Michelle
┬Eddie Kaye Thomas Ralphie
┬Monica Keena Petunia
┬Michael Pe├▒a Eduardo
┬Jane Lynch Doreen
┬John Kapelos Harold
┬Donnell Rawlings C-Low
┬Rachel Boston Lindsay
┬John Marshall Jones Housing Manager
┬Ron Yuan The Soul Man
┬Chris J. Johnson Paul
┬Curran Connor Scott
┬Daniel Spink Albert
┬Nicholas Thomas Roger
┬Stephen Keys Little Steve
┬Michael Masini Halo
┬Anne Bellamy Grandma Jones
┬Christopher Boyd Richard
┬Diora Baird Tiffany
┬Maya Hazen Bethany
┬Alyssa Altman Susan
┬Jillian Murray Jayne
┬Paul Schackman Louis
┬Richard Embardo The Kitchen Guy
┬Steve Swaim Professor
┬Corrine Carey Marla
┬Ken Rothstein Security Guard
┬Michael Mann Rick
┬Jeffrey Nicholas Brown Homeless Joe
┬John C. Mann Homeless Burt
┬Jake Demaray Punk Rock Mover
┬Yesenia Yanez College Student
┬Asusena Huezo Sleeping Girl (uncredited
┬Cassie Jaye Halloween Nurse (uncredited
┬Kent Winfrey Bondage Slave (uncredited


Darren Giles has lost his college scholarship, can't work up the courage to ask out the girl of his dreams and doesn't have the cash to stay in college another semester. Unless he can survive the teenage dominatrix, New York's largest drug mogul, convince his parents he's not gay, write a paper on Dante's Inferno, escape three thugs chasing the wrong guy and sell fifty pills of ecstasy in time to make his tuition payment, he'll never get the chance to date the girl of his dreams.


If you want the same plot and have it be WORTH watching- see "GO" from 1999, 2 February 2007 Author: dilbertsuperman from Baghdad This is utter crap. There is no two ways about it. The comedy is not funny the acting is horrible and the girls don',t get naked enough to make up for the horrible everything else.PLOT: a geeky thin college kid on scholarship needs to sell 50 pills in one day or he',s totally in big trouble. A variety of totally unbelievable and unfunny scenes follow this is an incredibly boring and tired movie that uses a lot of recycled see it coming a mile away jokes.LAME.The dominatrix was a nice touch but not anywhere near enough to save this complete train wreck.Don',t bother.As I said- see a movie that IS funny and WORTH WATCHING with basically the same plot- see "GO" from 1999