The Devil's Den (2006)

Perfect bodies. Damaged souls.

Original Title : The Devil's Den
Director : Jeff Burr
Writer : Mitch Gould
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Morris Berger , Stephen R. Brown , John Duffy , Mitch Gould , Danny W. Stallcup
Music : Jon Lee
Photography : Viorel Sergovici
Distributor : IDT Entertainment
IMDB ID : 0493409
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The Devil's Den (2006) - Jeff Burr


┬Kelly Hu Caitlin
┬Devon Sawa Quinn
┬Ken Foree Leonard
┬Steven Schub Nick
┬Karen Maxwell Candy
┬Dawn Olivieri Jezebel
┬Ken Ohara Zatoichi
┬Melissa Barker Ghoul
┬Jacki R. Chan Dancer/Ghoul
┬Kelly Guerrero Pixie Ghoul
┬Robbyn Leigh Private dancer
┬Eva-Maria Leonardou Ghoul/Dancer
┬Sarah Long Dancer/Ghoul
┬Robbin Ryan Private Dancer


Quinn Taylor and his friend Nick are on their way back from Mexico with a load of Spanish Fly to sell in the States. They stop at a gentlemen's club called The Devil's Den and decide to test out their product on the unsuspecting women there. Only, these women aren't really human, and the two men find themselves in a very fatal position. Also tossed in are a female-assassin on the hunt for Quinn, a monster hunter who just happened to stumble into everything, a Japanese swordsman who doesn't really exist and even Satan himself who have to deal with the situation once all hell breaks loose Some people sell their souls outright, and some people just chip away at them, piecemeal, until they wake up one day and realize there's nothing left. And some people, like Quinn Taylor, are so busy selling a line of bull&*^% to everyone who will listen, that only the most extreme life altering event reminds them that they have a soul at all. During a routine Spanish Fly smuggling trip back from Mexico, on a dark lonely road in the middle of the night, Quinn and his buddy Nick decide to test their 'product' on the lovely ladies of the Devil's Den gentlemen's club. Only these ladies are a lot less human, and a lot more dangerous than anything these small time not-so-illegal-drug dealers are capable of handling. Throw in a sexy female assassin who has been sent to put an end to Quinn's rampant infidelity spree, an armed to the teeth monster hunter who has come to the right place at the wrong time, and a legendary Japanese swordsman who doesn't really exist, and even the Devil himself isn't ready for what happens when all hell actually does break loose. In the vein of Kill Bill and From Dusk Til Dawn, party all night in the Devil's Den.


An Entertaining Horror Comedy, 4 February 2007 Author: ClayDeaver from Waikiki a suburb of Honolulu I had a nice time sitting through this edgy horror comedy, and have no regrets. It was certainly targeting the younger viewer however I found it a decent expenditure of my time due to the better than average talent they acquired.Eventually I sort of fell into the rather macabre storyline. Obviously the budget was low and the sets didn',t change much,in fact everything happens at one location,"the strip club from hell" but for my two cents I have to say they pulled of a nice entertaining little package, probably due to a lot of things like good camera work, a descent director and some pretty good young and not too well know actors like Kelly Hu, who happens to be one of our local girls here in Hawaii. Kelly gave a nice performance, although it',s probably hard to step down from a role as Cassandra in the scorpion King to something with less of a bang, she and Devon Sawa, Ken Foree and Karen Maxwell gave it a great effort. I think this film will be a bit of a cult classic in the ghoul killing vampire wasting category. If you don',t think a ghoul hunt with dry humor would be your cup of tea then perhaps you should pass on this one, but if your not offended by that sort of thing then give it a shot, I think you',ll have a few laughs and the time will go right by. I',m sure we will see a lot more of the cast from this film, they seem to be practicing a craft called acting.
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The Devil's Den (2006) - Jeff Burr