Alpha Dog (2006)

Inspired by true events.

Original Title : Alpha Dog
Director : Nick Cassavetes
Writer : Nick Cassavetes
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Matthew Barry , Robert Geringer , Marina Grasic , Nancy Green-Keyes , Andreas Grosch , Brad Jensen , Avram 'Butch' Kaplan , Sidney Kimmel , Jan K├Ârbelin , Steve Markoff , Bruce McNall , Chuck Pacheco , Frank Peluso , Andreas Schmid
Music : Aaron Zigman
Photography : Robert Fraisse
Distributor : Capitol Films
MPAA Rating : Rated R for pervasive drug use and language, strong violence, sexuality and nudity.
IMDB ID : 0426883
Official site :
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Alpha Dog (2006) - Nick Cassavetes


┬Bruce Willis Sonny Truelove
┬Matthew Barry Interviewer
┬Emile Hirsch Johnny Truelove
┬Fernando Vargas Tiko 'TKO' Martinez
┬Vincent Kartheiser Pick Giamo
┬Justin Timberlake Frankie Ballenbacher
┬Shawn Hatosy Elvis Schmidt
┬Heather Wahlquist Wanda Haynes
┬Alex Solowitz Bobby '911'
┬Alec Vigil P.J. Truelove
┬Harry Dean Stanton Cosmo Gadabeeti
┬Frank Cassavetes Adrian Jones
┬Nicole Dubos Neighborhood Girl on Couch
┬Regina Rice Dance Bitch Girl
┬Laura Nativo Party Girl
┬Ben Foster Jake Mazursky
┬David Thornton Butch Mazursky
┬Anton Yelchin Zack Mazursky
┬Sharon Stone Olivia Mazursky
┬Olivia Wilde Angela Holden
┬Jesse Erwin Employee
┬Paul Johansson Peter Johansson
┬Danny A. Abeckaser Latino Youth
┬James Molina Latino Youth
┬Nancy De Mayo Dale Dierker
┬Alexandra Cassavetes Jonna Kirshner (as Xan Cassavetes
┬Chuck Pacheco Chucky Mota
┬Frank Peluso Gay 'Lumpy' Yeager
┬Shera Danese Abby
┬Greg Kean De Rosa (as Greg Williams
┬Joshua Alba Klemash
┬Shirley Kurata Lu
┬Patrick Nguyen V.C.
┬Chris Kinkade Juergen Ballenbacher
┬Dominique Swain Susan Hartunian
┬Chris Marquette Keith Stratten (as Christopher Marquette
┬Alex Kingston Tiffany Hartunian
┬Amanda Seyfried Julie Beckley
┬Charity Shea Sabrina Pope
┬Bobby Cooper Bob Nolder
┬Stephanie A. Fowler Delores Stratten (as Stephanie Fowler
┬Natasha Elliott Bathroom Party Girl
┬Amber Heard Alma
┬Janet Jones Elaine Holden (as Janet Jones Gretzky
┬Alan Thicke Douglas Holden
┬Rick Salomon Salesman
┬Lukas Haas Buzz Fecske
┬Adrianna Belan Leigh Fecske
┬Holt McCallany Det. Tom Finnegan
┬Mario Ardila Jr. Santa Fe Kid (uncredited
┬Matt Borlenghi John Kirschner (uncredited
┬Sadie Dale Dierker's Dog (uncredited


A drama based on the life of Jesse James Hollywood, a drug dealer who became one of the youngest men ever to be on the FBI's most wanted list.


An Excellent Story, Well Realized, 13 January 2007 Author: strain6 from United States This is the best movie that I',ve seen this year. I know it is the second week out, but it is better than what I can remember seeing last year. There is so much that is good about this film that it is hard to know where to begin. You can start with the characters. There is quite a range of socio-economic backgrounds converging here in comfortable laid back sleaziness, out of which comes the interaction of characters with a range of family values. There are the second and third generation sleazeballs played by Bruce Willis and Harry Dean Stanton. There are parents like the mother played by Sharon Stone who wants to raise happy healthy decent children. Kids who are essentially vicious and stupid hang with those who won',t put common sense and decency in their back pockets and a mix of those in between. We see the initial corruption of the innocent as well as the easy descent of the aimless. This is not just another teen crime movie or the umpteenth hostage flick. It is also a story that is rife for reductionistic moralizing: my pre-emptive strike on one Jesus H. Christ. I don',t what is responsible for the dumpage on this movie, but I think it will find the large audience it deserves.
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432 x 640
Alpha Dog (2006) - Nick Cassavetes
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1241 x 1753
Alpha Dog (2006) - Nick Cassavetes
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1274 x 1800
Alpha Dog (2006) - Nick Cassavetes
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1749 x 2500
Alpha Dog (2006) - Nick Cassavetes
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600 x 800
Alpha Dog (2006) - Nick Cassavetes