India Song (1975)

Original Title : India Song
Director : Marguerite Duras
Writer : Marguerite Duras
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : S. Damiani , Stéphane Tchalgadjieff , A. Valio-Cavaglione
Music : Carlos D'Alessio
Photography : Bruno Nuytten
Distributor : Benoît Jacob Vidéo
IMDB ID : 0073166
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India Song (1975) - Marguerite Duras


Delphine Seyrig Anne-Marie Stretter
Michael Lonsdale Le vice-consul de Lahore (as Michel Lonsdale
Mathieu Carrière L'attaché d'ambassade allemand
Claude Mann Michael Richardson
Vernon Dobtcheff George Crown
Didier Flamand Le jeune invité
Claude Juan Le domestique/Servant
Satasinh Manila Voix de la mendiante (voice
Nicole Hiss Voix intemporelle (voice
Monique Simonet Voix intemporelle (voice
Viviane Forester Voix intemporelle (voice
Dionys Mascolo Voix intemporelle (voice
Marguerite Duras Voix intemporelle (voice
Françoise Lebrun Voix de la réception (voice
Benoît Jacquot Voix de la réception (voice
Nicole-Lise Bernheim Voix de la réception (voice
Kevork Kutudjan Voix de la réception (voice
Daniel Dobbels Voix de la réception (voice
Jean-Claude Biette Voix de la réception (voice
Marie Odile Briot Voix de la réception (voice
Pascal Kané Voix de la réception (voice


It makes me sleep but I like it., 2 April 2002 Author: Olle Bondeson from Stockholm Sweden I've seen India Song two times. The first time I saw it I fell asleep after thirty minutes or so. There's a scream somewhere in the film that woke me up for a while, but it didn't last. Anyway I was intrigued by the way the images and the narration was juxtaposed, they don't really play the same tune. The images are soft, cool and slow, while the narration was telling us about strong emotions. A pretty good picture of the angst of the priviliged classes in colonial service. I sort of missed the details of the plot, but I think I got the essence of the film. The second time I saw it I stayed awake for five reels (I was counting the shiftmarks) but it was still beautiful and I truly enjoyed it. It's a one of a kind movie and I think it should be credited for that.
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India Song (1975) - Marguerite Duras