A Guide to Recognizing your Saints (2006)

Original Title : A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
Director : Dito Montiel
Writer : Dito Montiel
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Rene Bastian , Lucy Cooper , Charlie Corwin , Robert Downey Jr. , Jonathan Elias , Alex Francis , Amanda Mackey Johnson , Clara Markowicz , Linda Moran , Bobby Sager , Peter Sahagen , Sting , Trudie Styler , Travis Swords
Music : Jonathan Elias
Jimmy Haun
David Wittman
Photography : Eric Gautier
Distributor : Alta Films
MPAA Rating : Rated R for pervasive language, some violence, sexuality, and drug use.
IMDB ID : 0473488
Official site :
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A Guide to Recognizing your Saints (2006) - Dito Montiel


┬Dianne Wiest Flori
┬Robert Downey Jr. Dito
┬Shia LaBeouf Young Dito
┬Melonie Diaz Young Laurie
┬Julia Garro Diane
┬Eleonore Hendricks Jenny
┬Adam Scarimbolo Guiseppe
┬Peter Anthony Tambakis Young Nerf (as Peter Tambakis
┬Channing Tatum Young Antonio
┬Anthony Tirado Street Corner Puerto Rican
┬Erick Rosado Puerto Rican Van Driver
┬Steve Payne Beach Chair Guy (as Steven Payne
┬Chazz Palminteri Monty
┬Tibor Feldman Teacher
┬Martin Compston Mike O'Shea
┬Marc Castle Drunken Man in Subway
┬Steven Randazzo Token Clerk (as Stephen Randazzo
┬George DiCenzo Uncle George (as George Di Cenzo
┬Olga Merediz Aunt Mary
┬Teresa Kelsey Newscaster (as Teresa Anne Kelsey
┬Sammy Rhee Korean Shop Owner
┬Jermel Wilson Yup Yup
┬Michael Rivera Reaper
┬David Castro Reaper's Little Brother
┬Federico Castelluccio Antonio's Father
┬Anthony DeSando Frank the Dog Walker (as Anthony de Sando
┬Scott Michael Campbell Nerf (as Scott Campbell
┬Rosario Dawson Laurie
┬Kyle Benitez Laurie's Son
┬Iraida Polanco Old Woman
┬Gilbert Cruz Queensbridge Bodega Man
┬Eric Roberts Antonio
┬Chance Kelly Prison Guard
┬Angela Frye Woman in Subway Station (uncredited
┬Yetta Gottesman Prison Visitor (uncredited
┬Glenn Kalison Yuppie Man (uncredited
┬Chris Nunez Gang Member (uncredited
┬Jeff Skowron Bookstore Clerk (uncredited


Dito, a writer in L.A., goes home to Astoria, Queens, after a 15-year absence when his mother calls to say his father's ill. In a series of flashbacks we see the young Dito, his parents, his four closest friends, and his girl Laurie, as each tries to navigate family, race, loyalty, sex, coming of age, violence, and wanting out. A ball falls onto the subway tracks at a station, small things get out of hand. Can Dito go home again?


Powerful and heartfelt look at an often violent past, 29 August 2006 Author: James Sims from Los Angeles, CA I recently saw a screening of "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" without any prior knowledge of the subject matter or cast, which I am beginning to believe might be the best idea before seeing many of the smaller films out there. Reminiscent of "Goodfellas" and "Kids," a gritty coming-of-age story that packs a powerful punch with star Shia LaBeouf delivering a heart- breaking performance. This film is not to be missed and should be a strong contender come awards season. Director and writer Dito Montiel obviously draws from the likes of Martin Scorsese as he paints Queens, New York in a light only familiar to those who grew up deep in the heart of it. "Saints" elicits both tears and laughter, often within moments of each other while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats the entire time. Topping off this walk down memory lane, Montiel incorporates a stellar soundtrack mostly from the 70',s, which feels right even though most of the story takes place in the mid 80',s.
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A Guide to Recognizing your Saints (2006) - Dito Montiel
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A Guide to Recognizing your Saints (2006) - Dito Montiel
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A Guide to Recognizing your Saints (2006) - Dito Montiel