Smokin' Aces (2007)

May the best hitman win.

Original Title : Smokin' Aces
Director : Joe Carnahan
Writer : Joe Carnahan
Genre : Action
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Tim Bevan , Joe Carnahan , Liza Chasin , Noel Donnellon , Eric Fellner , Robert Graf , David Z. Obadiah , Jennifer Thomas
Music : Clint Mansell
Photography : Mauro Fiore
Distributor : Universal Pictures
IMDB ID : 0475394
Official site :
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Smokin' Aces (2007) - Joe Carnahan


¬Ben Affleck Jack Dupree
¬Jason Bateman Rip Reed
¬Common Sir Ivy
¬Joseph Ruskin Primo Sparazza
¬Andy Garcia Stanley Locke
¬Alex Rocco Serna
¬Alicia Keys Georgia Sykes
¬Wayne Newton Himself
¬Ray Liotta Donald Carruthers
¬Jeremy Piven Buddy 'Aces' Israel
¬Peter Berg "Pistol" Pete Deeks
¬Ryan Reynolds Richard Messner
¬Martin Henderson Hollis Elmore
¬Christopher Michael Holley Bernard "Beanie" Alfonso (as Christopher Holley
¬Mike Falkow Freeman Heller
¬Joe Drago FBI Aid
¬Jeff Habberstad Top Coated Gunman
¬Davenia McFadden Loretta Wyman
¬Taraji P. Henson Sharice Watters
¬Nestor Carbonell Pasquale Acosta "S.A. Gerald Diego"
¬Chris Pine Darwin Tremor
¬Kevin Durand Jeeves Tremor
¬Maury Sterling Lester Tremor
¬George Fisher McGarey
¬Tommy Flanagan Lazlo Soot
¬Curtis Armstrong Morris Mecklen
¬Vladimir Kulich The Swede
¬Janet Edwards Naked Prostitute
¬Joel Edgerton Hugo Croop
¬David Proval Victor "Baby Buzz" Padiche
¬Suzanne Stover Prostitute
¬Scott Halberstadt Pimply Casino Employee
¬Lorna Scott Hotel Receptionist
¬Matthew Fox Bill
¬Lonnie Moore Gary the Security Guard
¬Patrick St. Esprit Moustache
¬Steve Florian Security Member
¬Robert Weir Security Member
¬Zach Cumer Warren
¬Ken Rudulph CS Team Member
¬Christopher Murray Sergeant/Chief
¬Michael Murphy Sheriff Badger
¬Marianne Muellerleile Margie Turlock
¬Stefanie Cruz Reporter
¬John Alston Reporter
¬Brian Bloom Agent Baker
¬Scott Bloom FBI Agent
¬R. Paul Wilson Magician
¬Al Woodley FBI Agent
¬James Conkle Young Buddy
¬Clare Carey Laverne
¬David Goldsmith Stage Manager (as David "Goldy" Goldsmith
¬P. David Miller FBI Agent (uncredited


An FBI agent (Reynolds) hunts for a Las Vegas stand up comedian (Piven) who has decided to squeal on the mob but, before he heads off for protective custody, decides to go to the casinos at Lake Tahoe for one last good time, drawing a crowd of assassins (including Affleck and Keys). A dying mob boss takes out a $1 million contract on the life of his former protégé, a Vegas magician turned gangster who has agreed to testify against the mob. The FBI attempts to protect their key witness as an array of hit men and women descend on Lake Tahoe in a race to take the magician out. In these interlocking tales of high stakes and low lifes, Mob boss Primo Sparazza has taken out a hefty contract on Buddy "Aces" Israel (Piven)--a sleazy magician who has agreed to turn state's evidence against the Vegas mob. The FBI, sensing a chance to use this small-time con to bring down big-target Sparazza, places Aces into protective custody-under the supervision of two agents (Reynolds and Liotta) dispatched to Aces' Lake Tahoe hideout. When word of the price on Aces' head spreads into the community of ex-cons and cons-to-be, it entices bounty hunters, thugs-for-hire, smokin' hot vixens and double-crossing mobsters to join in the hunt. With all eyes on Tahoe, this rogues' gallery collides in a comic race to hit the jackpot and rub out Aces.


A lot better than what it',s given credit for..., 25 January 2007 Author: Scott (Scottster81588) from United States I',ve read some of the reviews for this movie, and I can',t agree with them. I completely disagree in that I thought this was a very entertaining movie. The concept was very well thought out but it wasn',t perfect, obviously.Basically, the movie was about several groups of assassins all gunning for the same man for the same price. The reason he is wanted dead is because of his snitching and deceitful ways. I',m not going to give anything away, but once you watch the movie you',ll know there',s a lot more behind that. Only thing you really need to do is pay as close attention as you can during the beginning, because it does get a little confusing. The story moves along pretty quickly, but you will get the gist of it.Overall, I thought it was very well done. The plot was good, the characters were amazing (especially Ryan Reynolds), and there were some nice action parts. Even though it dragged on a little bit during the middle, it was necessary to develop plot details. 9 out of 10 stars from me, it was very entertaining and thought provoking. Last but not least, the white karate kid in the trailer was hilarious, "Why you eye-ballin', me son!?".
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Smokin' Aces (2007) - Joe Carnahan
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Smokin' Aces (2007) - Joe Carnahan
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Smokin' Aces (2007) - Joe Carnahan
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Smokin' Aces (2007) - Joe Carnahan