Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

Harold Crick isn't ready to go. Period.

Original Title : Stranger Than Fiction
Director : Marc Forster
Writer : Zach Helm
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Lindsay Doran , Joseph Drake , Aubrey Henderson , Nathan Kahane , Eric Kopeloff , Jim Miller
Music : Britt Daniel
Brian Reitzell
Photography : Roberto Schaefer
Distributor : Ascot Elite Entertainment Group
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for some disturbing images, sexuality, brief language and nudity.
IMDB ID : 0420223
Official site :
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Stranger Than Fiction (2006) - Marc Forster


Will Ferrell Harold Crick
William Dick IRS Co-Worker
Guy Massey IRS Co-Worker
Martha Espinoza IRS Co-Worker
T.J. Jagodowski IRS Co-Worker
Peter Grosz IRS Co-Worker
Ricky Adams Young Boy
Christian Stolte Young Boy's Father
Denise Hughes Kronecker Bus Driver
Peggy Roeder Polish Woman
Tonray Ho IRS Co-Worker
Tony Hale Dave
Maggie Gyllenhaal Ana Pascal
Danny Rhodes Bakery Employee
Helen Young Bakery Customer
David Pompeii Bakery Customer
Linara Washington Bakery Employee
Larry Neumann Jr. Homeless Man
Emma Thompson Karen Eiffel
John Mohrlein Man with Hose
Queen Latifah Penny Escher
Tom Hulce Dr. Cayly
Bruce Jarchow Commuter
Linda Hunt Dr. Mittag-Leffler
Dustin Hoffman Professor Jules Hilbert
Kristin Chenoweth Book Channel Host
Bradley Mott Large Man on Bus
John M. Watson Sr. TV Author (as John Watson Sr.
David Wiegers Bakery Customer
Jarrett Sleeper Bakery Customer
Karen Lloyd Customer with Tan
Keith Kupferer Demolition Foreman
Danny McCarthy Demolition Crew
Tab Baker Demolition Crew
Mark Buettner Claw Operator
Christian Young ER Doctor
Arraon Skippa Hixson Young Man Patient (as Arraon Hixson
Bryan Kelly ER Orderly
Whitney Sneed ER Nurse
Ray Kurut ER Doctor
Celeste Pechous ER Nurse
Michael Cook ER Doctor
Cheryl Lynn Bruce Head ER Nurse
Chet Dubowski Man in Tweed
Ora Jones Banneker Press Receptionist
Jordan Keller Grocer
Herb Lichtenstein IRS Co-Worker
Stacey Jackson IRS Co-Worker
Jordan Teplitz Old Man on Phone
Ricardo Gutiérrez Bus Company Manager
James Mazza Irritated Man on Bus
Oscar Roxas Another Man on Bus
Nadirah Bost Accident Witness
Sandra Marquez Accident Witness
Lacy Coil Accident Witness
Will Clinger Accident Witness
Albert Samuels Accident Witness
Frank Caeti Accident Witness
Andrew Rothenberg Doctor Mercator
Rengin Altay Nurse
Lucinda Kemp Bus Operator
Donna Watkins Bus Operator
Julien Heron Animal Footage Voice Over (voice
Lora Cain Animal Footage Voice Over (voice
Bob Papenbrook Animal Footage Voice Over (voice
Mike McColl Animal Footage Voice Over (voice
Bob Kolbey Professor Polo (uncredited
Tim Krueger Business Man (uncredited
Sia A. Moody Nurse
January Scarpino Bus Riding Mom (uncredited


Karen Effiel is an author writing her latest novel about an isolated man named Harold Crick. What she doesn't know is that her fictionalized character is real. The real Harold Crick is an IRS agent who has lived a dull existence and one day begins to hear Karen's voice as she narrates what she puts on paper to what Harold has and is doing. Because of this Harold enlists the help of a literary professor to find out what is happening and ends up changing things about his life including beginning a relationship with his IRS client, a government-hating bakery owner named Ana Pascal. Harold, however, finds trouble when he hears that Karen plans to kill him.


TIFF Screening, 10 September 2006 Author: grissomsbutterfly1013 from Canada Saw it at The Toronto International Film Festival and it was well done. Original storyline, fantastic performance from Ferrel, Thompson and Hoffman. The most moving performance from Will Ferrel I have ever seen is within this film. The storyline some may believe to be too far fetched at first to take seriously, but in the end it does work. What makes the film work the most are the brilliant performances from Ferrel and Thompson. Without these two- the film couldn',t have been pulled off! I recommend this flick to anyone looking to laugh and cry and then laugh again. It was a truly brilliant film. 10/10 (Hoffman and Ferrel were too kind to shake hands and greet the fans inside the screening as well.)
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Stranger Than Fiction (2006) - Marc Forster
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Stranger Than Fiction (2006) - Marc Forster
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Stranger Than Fiction (2006) - Marc Forster
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Stranger Than Fiction (2006) - Marc Forster
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Stranger Than Fiction (2006) - Marc Forster
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Stranger Than Fiction (2006) - Marc Forster
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Stranger Than Fiction (2006) - Marc Forster