Holiday, The (2006)

Original Title : The Holiday
Director : Nancy Meyers
Writer : Nancy Meyers
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Bruce A. Block , Jennifer Eatz , Suzanne McNeill Farwell , Nancy Meyers
Music : Hans Zimmer
Photography : Dean Cundey
Distributor : Universal Pictures
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for sexual content and some strong language.
IMDB ID : 0457939
Official site :
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Holiday, The (2006) - Nancy Meyers


Cameron Diaz Amanda
Kate Winslet Iris
Jude Law Graham
Jack Black Miles
Eli Wallach Arthur
Edward Burns Ethan
Rufus Sewell Jasper
Miffy Englefield Sophie
Emma Pritchard Olivia
Sarah Parish Hannah
Shannyn Sossamon Maggie
Bill Macy Ernie
Shelley Berman Norman
Kathryn Hahn Bristol
John Krasinski Ben
Alex O'Loughlin Kissing Couple
Odette Yustman Kissing Couple
Bundle Williams Girl in Pub
Suzanne Dizon Newspaper Party Guest
Terry Diab Newspaper Editor
Kenneth Danziger Editor
Hope Riley Sarah Smith-Alcott
Gilbert Esquivel Gardener
Steven Bruns Couple on Plane
Nikki Novak Couple on Plane
Judith Drake Woman on Plane
Pamela Dunlap Woman on Plane
Hal Douglas Movie Trailer Narrator (voice
Jay Simpson Limo Driver
Siobhan Pestano Couple with Dog
Charles Dinsdale Couple with Dog
Sarah Flind Market Clerk
Darline Harris Arthur's Nurse (as Darline Ann Harris
Marcell Brown Airport Security
Marina Morgan Graham's Friend
Lynden Edwards Graham's Friend
Lydia Blanco Marta
Jon Prescott Maggie's Boyfriend
Patrick Cavanaugh Young Man at WGA
Justin Collins Young Man at WGA
Freddie DeGrate Coach Passenger (uncredited
James Franco Himself (uncredited
Dustin Hoffman Himself (uncredited
Lindsay Lohan Herself (uncredited
Scott Slifer Passenger (uncredited


Movie trailer editor, Amanda of Los Angeles, CA and journalist Iris of Surrey, England live five thousand miles apart and have never met, but are dealing with the same problem: men. Amanda having just broken up with her cheating boyfriend, Ethan and Iris having pined for her ex, Jasper, becoming engaged to the woman he left her for decide to take a vacation during Christmas. They come upon a website called home exchange and swap houses for two weeks both with a goal to forget their troubled love lives. But love ends up finding them anyways. Amanda starts a romance with Iris' older brother, Graham, a book editor and Iris starts a romance with a movie composer named Miles. With new found romance, both their lives change forever.


Fluffy Fun for a Winter Evening!, 1 December 2006 Author: cheetara94 If you are expecting an epic cinematic masterpiece, then "The Holiday" is not for you. However, if you are looking for a light, entertaining movie, I would definitely recommend this film. While the previews were intriguing, I was thrilled to find that not every plot element was revealed before I even entered the theater. I completely enjoyed Kate Winslet as hopelessly devoted Iris. She was neurotic, a bit spineless, and absolutely winning. Although I do wish that her story had been developed more thoroughly. I felt a bit like her relationship was rushed through and the film spent a majority of the time focusing on Amanda (Diaz), Graham (Law), and their developing relationship. Despite the fact that I am not a huge Cameron Diaz or Jude Law fan, I was pleasantly surprised with their part of the story! Jack Black kept his character to an energetic hum rather than an explosion of crazy antics. You',ve just got to love that eyebrow! The scenery was beautiful! The supporting cast was hugely entertaining. I laughed out loud. The ending is fairly predictable. This is a romantic comedy after all. However, "The Holiday" is a great film for those of us who would like to suspend reality for a while and just enjoy. Go see it!
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1676 x 2500
Holiday, The (2006) - Nancy Meyers
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780 x 1102
Holiday, The (2006) - Nancy Meyers
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500 x 707
Holiday, The (2006) - Nancy Meyers
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555 x 800
Holiday, The (2006) - Nancy Meyers