Voleur, Le (1967)

The light touch of the masters! Malle makes ... Belmondo takes.

Original Title : Voleur, Le
Director : Louis Malle
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Photography : Henri Decaë
IMDB ID : 0062457
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poster for "Voleur, Le" by Louis Malle (1967)
Voleur, Le (1967) - Louis Malle


Jean-Paul Belmondo Georges Randal
Geneviève Bujold Charlotte
Marie Dubois Geneviève Delpiels
Julien Guiomar L'abbéLa Margelle
Paul Le Person Roger-La-Honte
Christian Lude L'oncle Urbain / Uncle Urbain
Françoise Fabian Ida
Marlène Jobert Broussailles
Bernadette Lafont Marguerite, the maid
Martine Sarcey Renée
Roger Crouzet Mouratet
Jacques Debary Courbassol
Fernand Guiot Mr. Van Der Busch
Marc Dudicourt Antoine
Paul Vally Le notaire / The Solicitor
Monique Mélinand Mme Maranteuil
Madeleine Damien Marie-Jeanne
Jacqueline Staup Mme Van der Busch / Mrs. Van der Busch
Nicole Chollet La patronne du restaurant (as Nicole Cholet)
Nane Germon Mrs. Voisin
Jean Champion Owner of the Hôtel de la Biche
Jacques Gheusi Prof. Boileau
Christian de Tillière Armand (as Christian de Tilière)
Gabriel Gobin Le père Visin
Duncan Elliott Le receleur anglais
Charles Denner Cannonier
Maurice Auzel Marcel (uncredited)


In Paris around 1900, Georges Randal is brought up by his wealthy uncle, who squanders his inheritance. Georges hopes to marry his cousin Charlotte, but his uncle arranges for her to marry a rich neighbour. As an act of revenge, Georges steals the fiance's family jewels, and enjoys the experience so much that he embarks upon a life-time of burglary.


Just saw this forgotten gem by Louis Malle today on Starz. I absolutely loved it. I admit I have a huge bias towards movies about thieves: the artistry of their trade fascinates me (and explains why I can't get enough of playing "Thief" the computer game series).Nevertheless, this was an engrossing turn of the century period piece which is filled with brilliant, subtle characterizations of extremely interesting and complex characters. It's exciting without needing to be fast paced and it doesn't sacrifice depth of emotion (which is repressed but fully present under the surface as these characters must constantly re-evaluate their involvement in their chosen lifestyles).The film is beautifully structured so that by the end of it we, who have been voyeuristically caught up in the romance of suave criminals, must, like them, take stock of what has been lost.