Vie Privée (1962)

A new triumph for today's most talked about star!

Original Title : Vie privée
Director : Louis Malle
Writer : Jean-Paul Rappeneau
Louis Malle
Jean Ferry
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Producer : Christine Gouze-Rénal, Jacques Bar
Music : Fiorenzo Carpi
Photography : Henri Decaë
Distributor : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
IMDB ID : 0055599
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Vie Privée (1962) - Louis Malle


Brigitte Bardot Jill
Marcello Mastroianni Fabio Rinaldi
Nicolas Bataille Edmond
Dirk Sanders Dick
Jacqueline Doyen Juliette
Paul Sorèze Maxime (as Paul Soreze)
Eléonore Hirt Cecile (as Eleonore Hirt)
Gloria France Anna
Ursula Kubler Carla
Isarco Ravaioli 
Gregor von Rezzori Gricha
Antoine Roblot Alain, the photographer
Simonetta Simeoni 
Jeanne Allard Housekeeper (uncredited)
Paul Apoteker Camera man (uncredited)
Jean-Claude Brialy Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
Claude Day Publisher (uncredited)
Christian de Tillière Albert (uncredited)
Jacques Gheusi Bazy (uncredited)
Jocelyne Jeanssen  (uncredited)
Louis Malle Journalist (uncredited)
Franois Marié François (uncredited)
Marco Naldi Grocer (uncredited)
Elie Pressmann Olivier (uncredited)
Gilles Quéant Trovar (uncredited)
Nora Ricci  (uncredited)


When Jill becomes a movie star, she soon discovers that her private life is destroyed by persistent fans that won't leave her alone. Her mothers ex-lover, Fabio, tries to protect her.


A nice plot, great acting from Bardot and Mastroianni and the superb cinematography by Henri Decaë, make this movie a solid piece of work. Especially the huge close-ups of Brigitte give it something extra.Not Bardot's best movie but certainly worth watching.
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Vie Privée (1962) - Louis Malle
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Vie Privée (1962) - Louis Malle
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Vie Privée (1962) - Louis Malle
poster for "Vie Privée"
Vie Privée (1962) - Louis Malle