Damage (1992)

With love comes risk. With obsession comes... Damage.

Original Title : Damage
Director : Louis Malle
Writer : David Hare
Josephine Hart
Genre : Drama
Country : Germany
Producer : Louis Malle, Vincent Malle, Simon Relph
Music : Zbigniew Preisner
Photography : Peter Biziou
Distributor : Aquarius TV, Criterion Collection, The, Europa Filmes, Europa Filmes, Film Four International, FilmFour Video, Indies Home Entertainment, Majestic Film, New Line Cinema, New Line Home Video, Paris Vídeo, Transmundo Films, Transmundo Home Video (THV), VCI Distribu
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong sexuality, and for language. (edited version)
IMDB ID : 0104237
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Damage (1992) - Louis Malle


Jeremy Irons Dr. Stephen Fleming
Juliette Binoche Anna Barton
Miranda Richardson Ingrid Fleming
Rupert Graves Martyn Fleming
Ian Bannen Edward Lloyd
Peter Stormare Peter Wetzler
Gemma Clarke Sally Fleming
Julian Fellowes Donald Lyndsay, MP
Leslie Caron Elizabeth Prideaux
Tony Doyle Prime Minister
Ray Gravell Raymond (as Raymond Gravell)
Susan Engel Miss Snow
David Thewlis Detective
Benjamin Whitrow Civil Servant
Jeff Nuttall Trevor Leigh Davies MP


A member of Parliament (Irons) falls passionately in love with his son's fiancée. They pursue their affair with obsessive abandon despite the dangers of discovery and what it would do to his complacent life and his son. Completely obsessed, he wants to give up his current lifestyle to be with her. She has no intention of allowing him to do this, preferring to have her marriage to the son as a cover. They are eventually discovered, and must deal with the damage. Based on the novel by Josephine Hart.


For this viewer, this was a brilliant satire of the type of self-important love stories that always leave us little people feeling somewhat unworthy. Usually the "star-crossed" lovers are celebrated (Doctor Zhivago, The English Patient), but here they are shown to be what they really are - selfish, shallow morons, callously destroying all that surrounds them in the name of their "special" love. Excellent!
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Damage (1992) - Louis Malle
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Damage (1992) - Louis Malle