Trust the Man (2005)

He's doing the best he can

Original Title : Trust the Man
Director : Bart Freundlich
Writer : Bart Freundlich
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Paul F. Bernard, Marina Grasic, Pamela Hirsch, Todd M. Hofacker, Sidney Kimmel, Evelyn O'Neill, Tim Perell, Meredith Zamsky
Music : Clint Mansell
Photography : Tim Orr
Distributor : 20th Century Fox, Cathay-Keris Films, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Fox-Warner, Icon Film Distribution, Moviemax, Oxygen Media, Pachamama Cine, Pandasia Entertainment, Paradise Group, Scanbox Entertainment Finland Oy, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language and sexual content.
IMDB ID : 0427968
Official site :
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Trust the Man (2005) - Bart Freundlich


David Duchovny Tom
Julianne Moore Rebecca
Sascha Gillen Baby Maggie
Brianna Gillen Baby Maggie
Liam Broggy David
Scott Sowers TerminEx Guy
Billy Crudup Tobey
Maggie Gyllenhaal Elaine
Garry Shandling Dr. Beekman
Sarah Knowlton Elaine's Boss
Brian Tarantina Crazy Hair Driver
Justin Bartha Jasper Bernard
David Greenspan Francis, the Director
Dagmara Dominczyk Pamela
Caroline Schlobohm Shannon
Eva Mendes Faith
Sterling K. Brown Rand
Teresa Yenque María, the Babysitter
Kiran Merchant Newspaper Vendor
Tom Riis Farrell Waiter
Caleb Freundlich Cosmos
Ellen Barkin Norah
Jayne Houdyshell Sex Addicts Leader
Todd M. Hofacker Misplaced Sex Addict
Peter S. Bencebi Cynical New Yorker
Kate Jennings Grant Woman Who Can't Get Enough
Frederick B. Owens John, Preferably Coarse (as Frederick Owens)
Jim Gaffigan Gordon, Bitter Sex Addict
James LeGros Dante (as James Le Gros)
Steve Glenn Rocker at the Bar
Glenn Fitzgerald Goren
Paul Hecht Amis
Sherry Ham-Bernard Lincoln Center Fan (as Sherry Ham)
Gretchen Cleevely Assistant Stage Manager
John Ellison Conlee Usher
Sean Dugan Stage Manager
Hollis Granville Stage Actor
Jimmy King Audience Member
Chris Champeau Audience Member
Francine Beers Old Lady
Liv Freundlich Older Maggie
Noelle Beck Flight Attendant
Melissa Russo Nurse
Chenoa Andon Theatre Patron (uncredited)
Anya Avaeva Spectator (uncredited)
Bob Balaban Tobey's Therapist (uncredited)
Cheryl Cosenza Cocktail waitress (uncredited)
Ellizzette Duvall Bar Patron (uncredited)
Emrie Foster Cousin (uncredited)
Bart Freundlich Man on the street (uncredited)
Claudia Lopez Club Goer (uncredited)
Jacqueline Lovell Bar Girl (uncredited)
Einav Markel Extra (uncredited)
Cheryl Patrick Audience Member (uncredited)
Josh Ruben Elaine's Brother (uncredited)
Jen Strickland Rachel (uncredited)
Boomer Tibbs Sex Addict Group Member (uncredited)
Steven Wargo Dinner Guest (uncredited)


New York. Rebecca (Moore), an actress, is crushed to discover that her marriage may be falling apart. Her husband Tom (Duchovny) leaving long-suffering Rebecca to pick up the pieces of their relationship. Rebecca's brother Tobey (Crudup), meanwhile, is in a long-term relationship with Elaine (Gyllenhaal) that has begun to turn sour. Both couples are spoiled and bratty.


With over 100 feature films released in year, it can be hard to keep track of all the titles worth tracking down and checking out. Last year I saw a preview for Trust the Man before Thank You For Smoking, but with the great number of other flicks coming out in wider release, I forgot about it until this weekend. After watching it, I wish I had forgotten about it completely for there is almost nothing redeeming about this cinematic catastrophe. The cast has no chemistry, the writing and directing is amateurish, and cinematography is murky.However, the picture's biggest fault is the tone. Trust the Man drifts uneasily from dirty sex comedy to tepid romance to boring drama from scene to scene, making for not only an extremely frustrating viewing experience, but an uncomfortable one as well. It's as writer/director Bart Freundlich didn't know what genre he wanted his movie to fall under during shooting, thinking that he would decide later in the editing room. Apparently that didn't work out either as it seems there are numerous scenes missing or incomplete. Other scenes go on far too long(the scenes with Billy Crudup in his car are perfect examples). There wasn't a single scene in Trust the Man I found effective, funny, or well done. The plot is a huge mess, gaping with holes. The only reason I give it a 1 as opposed to a zero is I reserve zeros for only those films that I find morally offensive/repugnant or without any artistic value whatsoever. 1/10
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Trust the Man (2005) - Bart Freundlich
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Trust the Man (2005) - Bart Freundlich
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Trust the Man (2005) - Bart Freundlich