Amants, Les (1958)

The most talked-about and fought-about film!

Original Title : Amants, Les
Director : Louis Malle
Writer : Louise de Vilmorin
Dominique Vivant
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Music : Johannes Brahms
Photography : Henri Deca√ę
Distributor : Lux Compagnie Cin√©matographique de France, Zenith International Films, Kinokuniya, New Yorker Films
IMDB ID : 0052556
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Amants, Les (1958) - Louis Malle


¬Jeanne Moreau Jeanne Tournier
¬Alain Cuny Henri Tournier
¬Jos√© Luis de Villalonga Raoul Flores (as Jos√© Villalonga)
¬Jean-Marc Bory Bernard Dubois-Lambert
¬Judith Magre Maggy Thiebaut-Leroy
¬Gaston Modot Coudray
¬Mich√®le Girardon La secr√©taire
¬Claude Mansard Marcelot
¬Georgette Lobre Marthe
¬Patricia Maurin Catherine, fille de Jeanne
¬Lucienne Hamon Chantal
¬Pierre Frag 
¬Gib Grossac 
¬Jean-Claude Brialy Un gar√ßon a man√®ge (uncredited)


Bored with her husband, bored with her polo-playing lover, will the middle-aged heroine go away with the young man who gave her a lift that day when her car broke down on the way back to her country estate from a weekend with her lover in Paris?


In 1959 this film was considered as something close to porno, but this is far enough from the reality. Jeanne Moreau was young, nice and attractive. She was the star of this film, which goes slowly as usual in French cinema's style. When you see this type of film you must become a psychologist to penetrate inside the brains of each hero and make some conclusions. Accordingly I concluded that life is not a straight line, suddenly something may happen in our lives that deviate completely this straight line. Formal ethics accepted by the society goes sometimes to extremes that does not enable the persons to behave and feel happy. What's wrong when the current life is disrupted to start a new one? At this point I advise you to see this old, and black and white film, which may compel you to think and to conclude something new, probably different to what I am saying here.
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Amants, Les (1958) - Louis Malle